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Zeng Chuhong
2017-07-25 10:37  

Personal Information      

Gender: M      

Nationality: Chinese      

Research Interests: Enterprise Strategy and Organization      


Courses Taught        

UndergraduateManagement, Corporate Governance, Strategic Management      

PostgraduateModern Enterprise Theory, Enterprise Organization and Innovation Management      

Educational History        

Ø         Doctor: Sun Yat-sen Business School, Enterprise Management (09/2004---07/2007)        

Ø         Master: Shantou University Business School, Industrial Economics (09/2001---07/2004)        

Ø         Bachelor: School of Management, Wuhan University of Technology, Management Science and Engineering (09/1997---07/2001)        



Ø         07/2007-present Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, School of International Business Management        

Ø         Present Guangdong University of Foreign Studies/School of International Business Management, Director of Department of Business Administration        

Research Outputs      

Representative Research Projects:      

Ø         Project of Guangzhou Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, “Research on Modular Organization and Governance of Guangzhou High-tech Enterprises Innovation Network”, Start Time:2009, End Time:2010, Fund: 8,000        

Ø         Project of Ministry of Education Humanistic and Social Science, “Research on IT Capacity, Transaction Cost and Dynamic Evolution of Firm Boundary”, Start Time:2009, End Time:2012, Fund: 50,000        


Representative Publications:      

Ø         Zeng, Chuhong, Zhu, Renhong & Li, Kongyue.(2009), "The Acquisition of Organizational Legitimacies During The Course of New Venture's Growth",  Finance Economics, August 1, pp.64-72          

Ø         Zeng, Chuhong & Lin, Danming.(2009), " Information Technologies' Decision Costs and the Allocation of Decision-making Rights in the Firm", Journal of Central University of Finance & Economics, August 1, pp.56-60        

Ø         Zeng, Chuhong & Shi, Rujie.(2009), "The Reform of State-owned Grain Enterprises in the Transition of Grain Institution: Reviews and Thoughts",Contemporary Economy & Management, no. 10, October 1, pp.46-49        

Ø         He, Ai & Zeng, Chuhong.(2010), " Induced Technological Innovation: Theoretical Development and Literature Review", China Reform, no.6, June 1, pp.45-48        

Ø         Wang, Bin, Zhu, Renhong & Zeng, Chuhong.(2010), " Integration of Industry Chains, Mechanism Adjustment and Informatization-driven",China Reform, no. 10, October 1, pp.62-67        

Ø         Wang, Bin, Zeng, Chuhong, Huang, Qiongyu & Liao, Zhenpeng.(2010), 'Empirical Research on the factor of ERP’s User Customer Satisfaction Based on Triadic Reciprocal Determinism', Proceedings of International Conference on Management Science and Engineering(17th),  Nov.24-26,  2010, IEEE, Management Science and Engineering (ICMSE), pp.58-66          

Ø         Zeng, Chuhong & Wang, Bin.(2011), "Capability, Transaction Cost,and the Change of Firm Boundaries", Social Science, no. 10, October 1, pp.45-53        

Ø         Li, Qiang, Lin, Danming & Zeng, Chuhong.(2011), "The Impact of Organizational Learning on Information Technology Applications", Management Review, vol. 23, no. 4, April 1, pp.105-114        

Ø         Wang, Bin, Xie, Weimin & Zeng, Chuhong.(2011), "Institutional Investors, Corporate Governance and R&D Input of Listed Companies—Based on Experience Data of  Listed Companies in China ", Science &Technology Progress and Policy, vol. 28, no. 6, March 1, pp.78-82          

Ø         Zeng, Chuhong, Chen, Jiang & Liu, Zhicheng.(2011), "Constraction and Design of Organizational Scale—From the Perspective of Organizational Behavior", Soft Science, vol. 25, no. 3, March 1, pp.31-35        

Ø         Zeng, Chuhong & Wang, Bin.(2011), "A Review on the Relationship of IT and Organizational Structure", Finance Economics, no. 276, March 1, pp.83-91        

Ø         Zeng, Chuhong & Wang, Bin.(2011), "A Study on Course of Knowledge Flow Based on Information Space", Information Science, vol. 29, no, 1, January 1,  pp.19-23          

Ø         Zeng, Chuhong & Zhu, Renhong.(2012), "Vertical Integration and Corporate Political Activity Based on the View of Asset Specificity", Finance Economics, July 1, no. 292        


AddressSchool of International Business Management, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou, P.R.China      



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