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Yuan Denghua
2017-07-25 11:53  

Personal Information


Gender: Male      

Birth: May,1966      

Nationality: Chinese      

Research Interests: (1)Brand Management;  (2) Human Resource Management        


Courses Taught

Master: Managerial Research Methodology      

Bachelor: Performance Management; Human Resource Management;      

       Organizational Behavior        

Educational History

PhD: Major in Human Resource Management, in Zhejiang University;      

Master: Major in Psychology, in Central China Normal University;      

Bachelor: Major in Pedagogy, in Jiangxi Normal University.      



1From July 1985 to August 2010, teaching in Jiangxi Normal University;      

2From September 2010 to now, teaching in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.      

Publications& Projects

Representative Research Publications:      

(1) Yuan Denghua, Luo Siming, Fu Chunjiang, Xie Yingqin. (2010). Impact of Advertising Intervention on Consumer’s Brand Attitude and Trust. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 42(6),715-726.      

(2) Yuan Denghua, Wang Zhongming. (2005). A situational simulated experiment on the impact of goal motivation on entrepreneurial action effectiveness. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 37(6), 812- 818.      

(3) Yuan Denghua. (2005). Management of Bi-Loyalty between Organization and Employees Based on the Lifetime-Value of the Latter. Economic Management, 19, 60-62.      

Active Projects as Principle Investigator:      

(1) Yuan Denghua. (2012-2015). Research on the Damage Mechanism and Dissolve Strategy of Brand Insecurity Based on Brand Mind Theory funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, ¥420,000.      

(2)Yuan Denghua. (2010-2012). Research on Brand Impression Management based on Impression Formation Theory funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, ¥230,000.      

(3) Yuan Denghua. (2006-2008). Research on Brand Trust Mechanism Based on the Model of Dual Attitude funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, ¥170,000.      


Address: No. 427, Faculty Office Building of Guangzhou HEMC,

Telephone: 020-39328097            

E-mail: ydenghua@126.com      

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