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Wang Gang
2017-07-25 11:11  



Personal  Information

Name: Wang  Gang

Gender: Male

Date of Birth:  1972.Nov.

Nationality:  Changchun, Jilin Province

Ethnicity:  Ethnic Han

Research  Direction

Procurement  and Supply Chain Management, Procurement in Practice, Logistics Cost  Management, Cost Management


Teaching  Courses

Undergraduates:  Business Negotiation, International Procurement in Practice, Procurement Cost  Management, Logistics Cost Management etc.

Graduates:  Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Procurement etc.


Master: Jilin  University (Accounting)

Bachelor: Changchun  University of Technology (Chemical Engineering)

Working  Experience

Full time:

1995.7- 2000.8  Jilin Plastics Research Institute   Engineer

2003.7-Now   School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies  Associate  Professor


Part time:

1.Guangdong  Production Service Promotion Association, Vice President, Procurement Committee  Director

2.Guangdong  Logistics and Supply Chain Institute, Deputy Secretary - General

3.Guangdong  Procurement and Supply Chain Association, Deputy Secretary-General

4.Dongguan  Procurer Association Association, President

Research  Outputs

Academic  publishing:

1. An Empirical Study on the Value Manipulation of  Financial Assets in IPO Process of Chinese A - share Listed Companies,  Guangdong Finance and Accounting, 2011.

2.  Review  on Procurement Positioning Model, Contemporary Economic Research,  2010.

3.  Synergy  Relationship between Logistics Industrial Cluster and GDHK Regional  Competence, International Economics and Trade Research, 2009.

4.  Choice  and Evaluation on Logistics Suppliers--Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process, Finance  & Economy, 2008.

5.  Moral  Risks and its Prevention of Procurers, Scientific Decision Making, 2008.

6.  Supply  Chain Performance Management: from the Perspective of Dynamic Information  Feedback, China Market, 2007.

7.  Cooperative  Supply Chain: Model and Performance Evaluation, China market, 2007.

8.  Procurement  Positioning Model from the Perspective of BCG Matrix,China Market,2007.

9.  Ethical  Reflection on One-Time Consumption, Commercial Age, 2006.

10.  Cross-Discipline  Explanation on the Mechanism of Brand Spokesman, Productivity  Research,  2006.

11.  Credit  Shield, Credit Substitution and State-Owned Bank Property Right Reform, Journal  of Jiaying School, 2004.

Publishing  Books


Basic  Knowledge for Procurers, Publishing House of Electronics  Industry,2014.

Assistant Procurer, Publishing  House of Electronics Industry, 2014.

Buyers, Publishing  House of Electronics Industry, 2014.



Course of  Supply Chain Management

Research  projects

project leader  :

1.  A  Comparative Study on the Enterprise Value of Family Enterprises Practicing  Asset Stripping Strategy, Social Science Planning Project of Guangdong  Province, 2014.

2.  A  Study on the Performance Improvement Strategy of Family Business Turning from  Corporate CEO to Professional CEO, Research on Humanities and Social Sciences  in Ministry of Education 2015.

3.  Dilemma  Governance and Government Policy Research on the Breakthrough Innovation of  Family Control Industry in Guangdong Province, Science and Technology Project  of Guangdong Province 2015.


Project  participator:

4.  Study  on the Integration of the Industry Clusters, Headquarters Economy and  Logistics Resources in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Philosophy Social Science  "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" Project, 2008.

5.  Research  on Implementation System of Logistics Standards in Guangdong Logistics  Industry, Science and Technology Project of Guangdong Province 2007.

6.  "Multimodal  Transport" Series of National Standards Projects, Horizontal Project of  Guangdong Provincial Institute of Standardization 2007.

7.  Based  on Supply Chain Location -  Research on Transportation Route  Arrangement, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province 2005.7

8.  Technological  Research on Practical Decision -Making of Logistics ManagementSchool-Level  Key Teaching Project of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Fifth Batch  2004.


and  Others

1.Excellent  teaching second prize, 2008.09

2.Excellent  teaching first prize, 2009.09

3.Excellent  teaching second prize, 2010.09

4.Excellent  teaching first prize, 2011.09

5.Excellent  teaching third prize, 2012.09

6.Excellent  teaching third prize, 2013.09

7.Excellent  teaching third prize, 2014.09

8.Excellent  teaching first prize, 2015.09

9.Excellent  teaching first prize, 2016.09

10."Dynamictotal factor  productivity of China's logistics industry, evolution regional differences  and the influence factors” won Tenth National China Logistics Conference  outstanding academic group paper award second prize. 2012.11.10 

11.  project manager identification expert of vocational skills appraisal center  in Guangdong Province

12.  procurer identification expert of vocational skills appraisal center in  Guangdong Province


Teaching  reform project:

1.  Research  on the ITC Training Model in Cultivation of International Procurement  Logistics Professionals, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies School-Level  Teaching Project, 2009.

2.  Application  of Scene Simulation on Procurement Negotiation, Guangdong University of  Foreign Studies teaching project, 2013.

3.  Marketing  Teaching  Reform Experiment, the Modernization of Educational Technology "151  project" of Guangdong Province 2007-2008.


Academic  Titles

1.  Core  experts of International Procurement and Supply Chain Management of China  Logistics and Purchasing Federation

2.  Core  expert of CIPS in China

3.  First  batch of experts of CIMA in China

4.  Core  teaching member of CTBA

Consultancy  Projects

1.  Investigation  and Analysis on Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Some Areas of  Guangdong Province, School of Economics and Management, South China Normal  University, 2012.

2.  Research  on Logistics Standardization of Circulation Industry in Guangdong Province,  Guangdong Institute of Standardization. 2005

3.  The  Shenzhen Sea World Project Consumer Survey, Enterprises and Institutions  Entrusted Project, 2008.

4. Kingdee  Consultant School Enrollment Investigation, Enterprises and Institutions  Entrusted Project, 2008.

5.Guangdong  Procurement Occupation Certification Standard, Guangdong Occupation Skill  Identification Center, 2014

6. Centralized  Purchasing Process Outsourcing, Enterprises and Institutions Entrusted  Project, 2010.

7.  Investigation of Domestic Semiconductor Industry under the Financial Storm  Environment, Enterprises and Institutions Entrusted Project, 2009.



Address: GDUF  MBA Education Center, No.2, Baiyun Noth Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou,  Guangdong, China

Postcode: 510420


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