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Xie Rongjun
2017-07-25 11:49  


Personal Information

Name: XIE Rongjun

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1970/09

Native Place: Liaoning

Nationality: Han


Research Orientation

Entrepreneurial Management, Quality Management

Courses Taught

Undergraduate:  Management, Entrepreneurial  Risk Management, Quality Management

Educational History

Postgraduate: Dongbei University  of Finance and Economics,  Major in Quantitative Economics, Master of Economics

Undergraduate:  Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Major in Investment Economics, Bachelor of  Economics


Work Experience

1992—2005  Assistant, Lecturer, Associate Professor in Eastern Liaoning University

2005—2009  Associate Professor, Guangdong Vocational College of Finance and Economics 

2009-present  Associate Professor, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Academic Papers

Journal  Articles

1. Analysis  on the Knowledge and Control of Decision-making Risk. Economic Research  Guide.


2. Analysis  on Role Definition of Professional Teachers. Management Observer.  2014.9

3. Research  on Removing the growth risk of Family Business. Times Finance.2013.9

4. Research  on Technology Innovation Model of SMEs. Management and technology of SMEs.  2010.8

5. Reflection  on the Innovation of Township Enterprise Governance Structure. Journal of  Modern Information. 2003.7

7. Construction  of Index System for the Assessment of Intangible Assets. Technology and

Economy. 2002.4

9. Evaluation  and Study on a Case of Real Estate. Chinese Assets Appraisal. 2000.4

Monographs and Textbooks

à  Human Resource Management (Chief Editor). Economic and Scientific  Press House, 2003.8

à  Management (Co-editor). Tsinghua University Press. 2015.8

Scientific Research Projects

Project  Participant

1. Study on the rural  public goods supply. Rural Financial Research of Finance Department of  Guangdong Province.2012

2. Research on the Governance Structure of  Family Business. Subject from Liaoning Department of Education. 2003.12

3. Research  on Institutional Change of Township Enterprises. Subject from Liaoning Department  of Education.2003.9

4. Construction of Evaluation System of Intangible Asset.  Subject from Liaoning Department of



Quality  Project

à  2014 Experimental Area of Innovative  Training Mode of International and Innovative Talents of Business  Administration, 14 teachers, Experimental Area of Innovative Personnel  Training Mode, Provincial level.  

Educational  Reform Project

à  Innovation Research on Talent Cultivating  Mechanism for University-enterprise Cooperation----Taking Colleges and  Universities in Guangdong as Examples, 2014, Provincial Level or School Level

Social Appointment

Certified Public  Valuer

Consulting Projects

Project  Leader

Project  Participant

à  Construction  of real estate tax assessment simulation system for Local Taxation Bureau of  Liaoning Province.2005


à  The First  Prize of Liaoning Federation of Social Science Circles,.2003.9 


Address: Department Building 327, School of  Management, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies – College Town

Email: xrjxtm@163.com


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