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Wang Xiuzhi
2017-07-25 10:53  


Personal  Information

Name: Wang  Xiuzhi

Gender: Female

Native Place:  Henan

Nationality:  Han

Research  Interest

Social and  Nonprofit Organization Marketing

Courses  Taught

Undergraduate:  Social and Nonprofit Organization Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing


M.A. School of Economics and Trade, Management  Science and Engineering major, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and  Astronautic,1997.9-2000.3

B.A. School of Management, Management Science and  Engineering major, Zhengzhou Engineering College,1993.9-1997.7

Training: Psychology, School of Education, South  China Normal University, 2007.9-2008.7

School of Business, University of Queensland  ,2011.1-2011.8

Work  Experience

2000.3-present  School of Busniess, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


1.Wang  Xiuzhi. Unsoundness of Investigating Data, [J]Chinese statistics, 2005, (07):  58-59.

2.  Wang Xiuzhi. Government 's Integrated Communication Strategy for Public  Crisis [J].Journal of Sichuan Administration College, 2005, (01): 16-18.

3.  Wang Xiuzhi. Research on Chinese People's Defensive Communication  [J].Technology and Innovation Management, 2008, (06): 676-678.

4.  Wang Xiuzhi. Improving the Academic Research Ability of College Students in  Management Discipline - An Implementation Scheme of Research -oriented  Teaching [J].China Adult Education,2008, (11): 127-128

5.  Wang Xiuzhi, Wu Qingjin, Tang Bicui. An Empirical Study on the Influence of  Consumer Shop on Trust and Loyalty [J].Consumer economy, 2008, (05): 42-46.

6.  Wu Qingjin, Wang Xiuzhi. A Study on the Role of Public Servant Leadership in  University Teachers [J].Teacher Education Research, 2009, (06): 29-33.

7.  Yang Xiaoyan, Wang Xiuzhi. The Impact of Eco-environmental Awareness on Green  Purchasing Behavior [J],Consumer economy, 2009, (02): 78-81.

8.  Hu Xiaohong, Wang Xiuzhi, Yang Xiaoyan. Research on Practice Teaching Model  of "Social and Nonprofit Organization Marketing" [J].Journal of  Chengdu University (Social Science ),2015, (06): 111-117.

9.  Wang Xiuzhi, Wu Qingjin.Research on the Quality of University Teachers’  Teaching Quality Based on Students' Perspective [J].Journal of Chengdu  University (Social Science ),2016, (01): 116-120.

10. Wang  Xiuzhi, Hu Xiaohong, Yang Xiaoyan. Impact of Underdog Perception of Nonprofit  Organization on the Donors: Underdog Self-identification as Moderator[J].  Social Work and Management,2017, (01): 12-17.


Address:  Faculty building 362A, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou  Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China, 510006

Phone:  020-39328097

E-mail:  wxzhiw@gdufs.edu.cn


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