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Yuan Jing
2017-07-25 11:11  



Name: Yuan Jing

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: March, 1978

Nationality: Kaifeng, Henan Province

Ethnicity: Ethnic Han




Enterprise Internationalization, Global Value  Chain



Undergraduates: Logistics Management,  International Purchasing Management, Enterprise Behavior Simulation

Graduates: International Enterprise Management


PhD: Sun Yet-sun University, Business Management

Bachelor: Wuhan University, Electrical Engineering



2007.8-now  Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

2000.7-2002.8,  Kaifeng Power Grid Company



Academic  publications:

1. Yuan  Jing, Mao Yunshi. Vertical Inter-firm Relational Governance and

  Sourcing Strategy Changing of  Japanese Automobile Manufacturers, China   Management Studies,  2007.

2. Yuan  Jing,Sun Jingwu. An Empirical Study on the Operational Strategy of Foreign  Retail Enterprises in China, Commercial Times, 2007.

3. Yuan  Jing, Wu Yao. Knowledge Introduction and Absorption of Small and Medium -  sized Enterprises by the Combination of Production, Teaching and Research,  Forum on Science and Technology in China. 2009

4. Yuan  Jing, Wu Yao. Study on Restriction Factors of SME-University

  Interactions, Science -Technology and  Management. 2009

5. Yuan  Jing. Fertile Soil for Innovation of High-Tech Enterprises: Taiwan

 Tainan Science Park, Chinese Enterprises:  Transforming and Upgrading,

 Sun Yet-sun University Press, 2009.

6. Mao  Yunshi, Yuan Jing. Operation and Management of International

 Enterprises, Sun Yet-sun  University Press, 2010.

7. Yuan Jing, Mao Yunshi. An Empirical Study on  Contract Governance and   Relationship Governance of Vertical  Trading in Industry Chain, Academic   Research, 2011.

8. Yuan Jing. The Determinant of Relational  Governance in Vertical

 Transactions in Transition Economy: A Comparative  Analysis between

 Local Suppliers and Foreign Suppliers,  International Economics and Trade   Research, 2011.

9. Yuan  Jing, Mao Yunshi. Determinants of Contractual Governance in

  Vertical Transaction in Transition  Economy—The Moderating Effect of

  Industrial and Institutional  Environment, Soft Science, 2012.

10.  Yuan  Jing. Discussion on the Mode of "Enterprise Business Simulation"  Course in Cross-Discipline Construction of Economic Management in

   Universities, Coastal  Enterprises and Science & Technology, 2012.

11. Liu Yangchun, Li  Tian and Yuan Jing(Corresponding author). (2014) The effect of born  International’s international strategies on its

   subsequent development: taking the accumulated overseas market

   resources as the moderating effects. Anthropologist, Vol.17, No.3,





1. Mao Yunshi, Yuan Jing. Operation and  Management of International

 Enterprises, Sun Yet-sun  University Press, 2010.

2. Yuan  Jing, Liu Yinjun, Lai Lei. Sand Table Simulation of Business

  Management- Basic Operation,  Knowledge Expanding and Ability

  Improvement,  China Machine Press, 2014




Project Leader:

1. Research  on Global Value Chain, Domestic Value Chain Governance and Upgrading Path of  Guangdong Enterprise, Guangzhou Philosophy and Social Sciences Development  "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" 2010 Project. (project

number: 10Q14)

2. Research  on Logistics Capability, Logistics Outsourcing and Performance

of B2C E-Commerce Enterprises, School-Level  Project of Guangdong

University of Foreign Studies.

3. A Study on the Management of OEM, knowledge  acquisition and

upgrading of OEM in Post-Financial-Crisis era, A  Seeding Project from the

Education Department of Guangdong Province, 2012

4. Research  on the Upgrading Path of Guangdong Labor-intensive EnterprisesBased on  Interaction between Global Value Chain and Domestic Value

Chain, 2012 Guangdong Philosophy and Social  Science "Twelfth Five-Year

Plan” Project. (project number: GD12YGL0)

5. Multi-value  Chain Embedding and Transforming and Upgrading of

Labor-intensive Enterprise- A Comparative Study  Based on the Pearl River

Delta and Yangtze River Delta, Youth Project of  Ministry of Education

Planning Program 2013. (project number: 13YJC630214)

6. Research on Network  Characteristics, Learning Mechanism and

Technological  Innovation Ability of Automobile Manufacturing Industry inGuangdong Province,  Guangdong Soft Science Joint Fund Project 2013.

(project number: 2012RL50506006)


Teaching and Research


Teaching Reform Program:

1. Responsible  for School-Level Key Project-- Research on the Mode and

Method of Setting up Interdisciplinary Course Business  Operation Simulation

2. Responsible  for School-Level Project--Application of Supply Chain

Management Sandbox in the Teaching of Logistics  Management Major



1. Yuan Jing, Liu Yinjun, Lai Lei. Sand Table  Simulation of Business

  Management- Basic Operation,  Knowledge Expanding and Ability

  Improvement,  China Machine Press, 2014



and Others

1. Advance  Individual 2012-2013 Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

 Outstanding Mentor for Undergraduates  2011-2012

 School-level Training Target for the  Seventh Qian Bai Shi Project

2. Excellent  Teaching First Prize 2012

 Excellent Teaching Second Prize 2013

 Excellent Teaching Second Prize 2014

3. Guiding  Students Participating in Logistics Major Related Competition and  Won  Prizes:

 The fourth National Logistics Design  Competition for University Students    Anji Cup, Second Prize

 The First Guangdong Logistics Design Competition  for University Students   Changfengwang Cup, Excellence Award

 The Ninth National Sand Table Simulation  Operation Competition for

 University Students Yonyou Sentao Cup,  Third Prize

 The Seventh Guangdong ERP Sand Table  Simulation Contest University

 Students Yonyou Cup, Excellence Award



Address: School of Business, Guangdong University  of Foreign Studies,

Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou,  China.

E-mail: yuanjmail@126.com


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