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Hu Xiaohong
2017-07-25 11:03  


Personal  Information

Name: HU  Xiaohong

Gender: Female

Native place:  Kaifeng, Henan

Nationality: Han

Research  Orientation

Consumer  behavior and nonprofit marketing

Courses  Taught



Bachelor:  Marketing Research, Social and Nonprofit Marketing, Marketing, Branding  Management, Consumer Behavior


PhD:  PhD in Management, Sun Yat-Sen University, 2007  

Master: Mater of Law, Sun Yat-Sen University, 1999

Bachelor:  Bachelor of Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, 1992  


Work  Experience

Used  to work in manufacturing company, trading company, and communication company,  has practical experience in product design, quality control, service  marketing and management, corporate consultancy etc.  

Has  been working for the School of Business in Guangdong University of Foreign  Studies since July 2007.

Academic  Paper

WANG  Xiuzhi, HU Xiaohong, YANG Xiaoyan. (2017), Impact of Underdog Perception of  Nonprofit Organization on the Donors, Social Work and Research, vol.17, no.1, January, pp.12-17.  

HU Xiaohong & LI Xinchun. (2012),  Principles of Scientific Management: Theoretical Reflection and Critical  Reality, Chinese Journal of Management, vol.9, no.5, May 1, pp.658-670.  

Hu Xiaohong, Social Influence Factors on Teenagers’ Attitudes to  Brands, Journal of Sun Yat-sen University (Social Science Edition),  May.

HU Xiaohong. (2009), Study on the Influence of Family  Communication Patterns on Teenagers’ Attitudes to Brands, Nankai Business  Review, April, pp.36-43.  

HU Xiaohong, LI Xinchun. (2009), Entrepreneurial Guide for Family-owned  Businesses and Business Growth, Academic Research, April, pp.79-82.

HU  Xiaohong. (2011), Service Branding: New Journey for E-commerce  Companies, Sales and  Marketing (management version), March.

HU  Xiaohong. (2011), New Business Opportunities under the Consumer Groups  Differentiation, Sales and Marketing (management version),  April.

HU Xiaohong, YANG  Xiaoyan. (2009), Stimulate Students' Creative Thinking Through  Competitive Relationships, Henan Science & Technology, early June,  pp.42-43.

YANG Xiaoyan, HU Xiaohong. (2008), Study on the Influence of Green Certification on Brand Trust and Purchase Intention, International  Economics and Trade Research, no.12, pp.66.  

HU Xiaohong, FEI Fei. (2008), Walk-off of Entrepreneurial  Leaders and Conflict with Successor: from XIE Ruilin to TSL, Journal of  Management Case Studies, December.  

LI Xinchun, YANG Xueru, Jiang Yuexin, HU Xiaohong. (2008),  Internal Ownership and Enterprise Value: The Study on Private Listed  Companies in China, Economic Research, no. 11.



Monograph  and Teaching Materials

HU Xiaohong,  Michael Solomon,LU Taihong, YANG Xiaoyan,(2014), Consumer Behavior  (version 10),China  Renmin University Press, January 2014.  

HU  Xiaohong.  (2008), The Three-factor Relationship Model Study of the Youth’s Attitudes  to Brands,Economic  Science Press, December.      

Li Xinchun, Hu  Xiaohong, Jiang Yuexin. (2008), Development and Familization Management of  the Private Sector: The Empirical and Case Studies of The Pearl River Delta,  Economic Science Press, March.

Research  Projects

Has  been the researcher (including leading researcher) of 4 projects of ministry  of education and provincial and deputy provincial levels.


Teenagers  Internet Consumption Behavior Research: Based on Social Network Analysis, a  project supported by Guangdong Planning Office of Philosophy and Social  Science, 2010.

“Made  in Guangdong ” in Global Value Chain: International Competitiveness and  Strategic Transformation, a project supported by Guangdong Natural Scientific  Foundation, 2013.


Social  Part-time Job

Part-time researcher of Guangdong Social Organization Research  Center

Researcher of Marketing Research Center of China

Consultancy  Projects



Study  on Preceding Issues of Company Social Marketing, 211 project


Office  address: Room 358, School of Business, Guangdong University of  Foreign Studies, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center

Tel: 020-39328561

E-mail: huxiaohong@mail.gdufs.edu.cn


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