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Meng Ding
2017-07-25 10:34  


Personal Information

Name: Meng Ding

Gender: Male

Birth Date: Jan. 1967

Native Place: Henan Province, China

Nationality: Han

Research Direction

Private Enterprise Management, Project  Management,  Strategic Management, Project Investment and Finance Management

Courses Taught

BachelorManagement, Project Management, Venture Investment and  Finance Management

Education Background

PhD: Wuhan University, Doctor of  Management

Master: Dowling University in U.S.,  MBA            

Bachelor: Huaibei Normal University,  Bachelor of Arts

Work Experience

Sep. 2001-Now: Guangdong University of  Foreign Studies

Dec. 1992-Sep. 2001: Datong Coal Industry  School (Now called Datong University)

Sep. 1990-Dec.1992: The Fourth Middle  School of Datong Mining Bureau in Shanxi  Province              

Academic Papers

Journal Papers

The Impact of Environmental Uncertainty on Open  Technological Innovation Strategy [J]. Scientific Research Management.  2015(5): 21-28 (CSSCI)

Research on Dimensional Structure and Measurement of  Enterprise Intellectual Property Strategy [J]. Science and Technology  Management. 2015(12): 52-61

Research on Open Market Intellectual Property Strategy  Framework [J]. Science and Technology Management, 2014(2): 11-20 (CSSCI)

An Empirical Study on the Impact of Strategic Openness  on Technological Innovation Performance of Enterprises [J]. Research and  Development Management, 2013(6): 34-46 (CSSCI)

Listing Mode and Equity Characteristics and Enterprise  Performance Analysis - Based on Private Listed Companies [J]. Technology  Economics and Management Research, 2013(1): 87-93

Summary of Corporate Political Relevance Literature  and Its Research Prospects [J]. Journal of Jiaying University, 2013, 31(1):  45-51

The Study on Enterprise Innovation Strategy Management  Based on Core Competence Theory [J]. Advances in Information Sciences and  Service Sciences, 2013(5): 571-577

Effects of Industrial agglomeration on productivity  and industry disparity - Based on empirical analysis of China's industrial  sector [J]. Seeker, 2013(5).

Listed Ways, Motive of Diversification and Company  Performance. South China Journal of Economics, 2012(8) (CSSCI)

A Study on Ownership structure and Diversification  Value of Private Listed Company Based on the Different Listing Ways [J].  Journal of Shanxi Finance Economics University, 2012(4)

Private Listed Company, Backdoor Listing and  “Tunneling” Behavior [J]. PROBE, 2012(12): 103-107 (CSSCI)

A Study on Diversification Influence Factors of  Private Listed Company [J]. Techno-economics & Management Research,  2012(5): P60-64

Learning and Analysis of Management Theory. Journal of  JiaYing University, 2012(1): 45-50.


Journal Papers


Monograph and Teaching Materials

A Research on Based on Private Enterprises  Diversification Strategy Value Orientation Based on Different Listing Ways  (978-7-5141-2571-9) Economic Science Press, 2013.

Human Resources Management (7-301-10276-3) (main  translator), Beijing University Press, 2006(8)

Organizational Behavior (978-7-04-028797-4) (associate  editor), Higher Education Press, 2010(2)

Tourism Enterprise Human Resource Management  (7-5623-2473-5) (associate editor), South China University of Technology  Press, 2006(7)

Management (978-7-302-29205-0) (edited), Tsinghua  University Press, 2012(9)

Principles of Management (978-7-5361-3802-5) (edited),  Guangdong Higher Education Press, 2009(7)

Scientific Research Projects

Project Director

Oct. 2011-Oct. 2013: Guangdong  Provincial Natural Science Fund Project: a research on private enterprises  diversification strategy value orientation based on different listing ways  (S2011040004457); 30,000 yuan.

Mar. 2012-Jun, 2013: Guangdong Province Philosophy and  Social Science Planning Project: a research on private enterprises investment  behavior, investment efficiency and corporate value based on financing  constraints and agency costs (GD11XYJ16); 35,000 yuan.

Jun. 2012-Jun. 2014: Guangdong Province Science and  Technology Project: a research on enterprise open technology innovation  strategy under the unstable environment-based on Guangdong enterprises sample  (2012B040301025); 20,000 yuan.

Project Participant



Quality Project

In 2014, the international innovation and  business management talent training model innovation pilot area, 14 teachers  participated, personnel training mode innovation pilot area, provincial level

Education Project

Academic Participation

Reviewer of Nankai Management Review

Social Appointments

Research of Guangdong Provincial Value  Engineering Research Association


2012: Advanced Personal Title

2012: Excellent-level of Annual  Assessment

2011: Second Prize of Outstanding  Scientific Research Performance at School-level

2009-2010: Excellent title of  Undergraduate Advisor

2007: Third Prize of Outstanding Teaching  in GDUFS

2009-2010: Excellent Title of  Undergraduate Advisor in GDUFS

2007-2008: Outstanding Teaching Award of  International Business Administration School of GDUFS


Office: Room327, Faculty Building, GDUFS  South Campus

E-mail: mickey1967@126.com


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