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Yan Hong
2017-07-25 10:48  


Personal  Information

Name:  Yan Hong

Gender:  female

Date  of Birth: 1968/08

Native  Place: Hubei

Nationality:  Han


Research  Orientation

Business  Management, Human Resource  Management

Courses  Taught

Undergraduate:  Management Science, Management of Transnational Corporations

Educational  History

Postgraduate:  Jinan University, Major in Business Management, Master of Management

Undergraduate:  University of International Business and Economics, Major in International Business Administration, Bachelor  of Economics

Work  Experience

1991.07present:  Teacher of Guangdong university of Foreign Studies

2010.03-2010.08:  Visiting Scholar of Coventry University(UK)

Academic  Papers

1.    International Business Administration. Associate editor. Sun Yan-sen University Press. 1996.

2.       “Consolidate Educational  Reform and Enhance Teaching Level”. Higher Education Research of  Foreign Studies. 1998.3 

3.      “Managers of State-owned Foreign Trade Enterprises in  Need of ‘Second Reform’”.International Economic and Trade Research.  1999. 6.

4.      “Research and Report on Intersection  Teaching Method of Business Administration Case Analysis”. Higher  Education Research of Foreign Studies. 2000  112

5.      “Research and Report of Human Resource Management of  Foreign Enterprise”. Human Resource Development of China. 2000.  8

6.      Foreign-invested Enterprise Management. Editor. Thread-binding Books Publishing House. 2001. 4

7.     A Valuable Book for Small Business. Guangdong Economic Press. 2002. 4

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12.    Empirical Research on Governance of Guangdong Family  Business.Commercial Research. 2005. 12

13.      “Premise and Condition of  Professional Management of China’s Family Business”.Guangxi Social  Science. 2006. 4

14.    “Problems and Strategies of Professional  Management of China’s Family Business”. Market Modernization.  2006. 6

15.     “Exploration of the  Condition of Professional Management of China’s Growth-stage Family  Business”. Entrepreneur World. 2006.6 

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25.   International Management (3rd version) translation.(  translated Chapter 8). The Chinese Market Press. 2009

26.   Practice and Discussion on Bilingual Teaching in Management of Transnational  Corporations. Education Theories and Teaching Research. 2012-3

27.    Research on Psychological Reward of China’s Family Business Employees.  Business. 2012-10

28.    Management Science (co-complied).Tsinghua University Press. 2012, 2015

29.   Discussion on Interactive Teaching Method of College Courses. Science  Review: Academic Forum. 2013(10)

30.   Research on Social Responsibility of Multinational Companies in China. Science  and Technology. 2014.10

31.   Analysis on Construction of System of Elderly Care Service in Guangdong  Province. Global Market. 2015.01

32.   Research on the Situation pf Home-based Care for the aged in Guangzhou City. Education.  2016.03

33.   General Situation of Cuba Sugar Industry before 1991. Economic Management.  2016.06

Monographs  and Textbooks

à  International  Business Administration, Associate Editor, Sun Yan-sen University Press. 1996

à  International  Business Administration, Associate Editor, University of   International Business and Economics Press. 2003

à  Principles  of Management, Co-editor, Higher Education Press of Guangdong  Provinc. 2005.6

à  Human  Resource Management of Tourism Enterprises. South China  University of Technology Press. 2006.7

à   International  Management (3rd version) translation.( translated  Chapter 8). The Chinese Market Press. 2009

à  Management,  Co-editor,  Tsinghua University Press. 2012, 2015

Scientific  Research Projects

Project Leader

Obtained  individual project on Social Management and Legal System Construction of Zhi  Gong Party of Guangdong Provincial Committee in 2015

Suggestions  on Strengthening Guangdong Social Supporting for the Aged in Construction of  Urban Elderly-support Volunteer Team was adopted by Zhi Gong Party of  Guangdong Provincial Committee as Proposal(No.2016220) of the 4th  Session of the 11th Provincial Political Consultative Conference  in 2016, and got attached Importance and responded by Bureau of Civil Affairs  of Guangdong Province.  

Suggestions on  Improving Urban Home-based Care for the Aged of Guangdong Province  became an individual project on Social Management and Legal System  Construction of Zhi Gong Party of Guangdong Provincial Committee in 2016.


Social  Appointment

Member  of Youth Committee of Zhi Gong Party and Women’s Committee of Guangdong  Province


à   Second Prize of Excellent Teaching,GDUFS  

à  Excellent Teacher 2002, Guangdong University of Foreign  Studies

à  Advanced Female Party Member of  Zhi Gong Party of  Guangdong Province 2016

àThe Third Prize of the Challenge Cup for Guangdong college  students, the Second Prize of the GDUFS Challenge Cup




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