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Personal  Information

Name: Ding Hao

Gender: Male

Date of Birth:  1983/02

Native Place: Jiangsu  Province

Nationality:  Han




Management  Science and Engineering, Financial Risk Management, Yue-Gang-Ao Economy and  Finance;

Course Taught

Undergraduate:  Micro-economics, Statistics, Financial Risk Management;

Graduate: Financial  Management, International Financial Management;



University,  Management Science and Engineering, Ph.D. of Management;



Hohai  University, Financial Management, Bachelor of Management;

Work  Experience

2015.03  – now: School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Associate  Professor, Department Head

2013.09  – 2015.02 : School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,  Lecturer

2009.09  – 2013.08: Macau University of Science and Technology, Assistant Professor

Research  Outputs

Journal Papers

à  Ding, H.,  Zhuang YS & Xia LF 2016, ‘Pattern Design (iBond) and Market Analysis of  Hong Kong Inflation Index Bonds’, Hong Kong and Macau Journal, (3):  73-83.

à  Ding, H &  Fu, M 2015, ‘Formation and Breakthrough of Rational Boundary: From the  Perspective of the Evolution of St. Petersburg Paradox’, Jiangxi Social  Science, (12): 11-17. (CSSCI)

à  Ding,  H 2013, ‘Status and Strategy Analysis of Basel Accords' Implementation in  Macao’, Macao New Vision, no. 5, pp. 20-29.

à  Wang,  YF & Ding, H 2012, ‘Analysis on State-owned Enterprises Nationwide  Dividends Effects to Domestic Demand’, Inquiry into Economic Issues,  no. 3, pp. 98-102. (CSSCI)

à  Wu,  L & Ding, H 2012, ‘The impact of commodity price volatility on underlying  assets: An empirical analysis based on China sugar industry’, Inquiry into  Economic Issues, no. 5, pp. 155-159. (CSSCI)

à  Wu,  L & Ding, H 2012, ‘An empirical analysis of the impact of copper futures  markets volatility on domestic spot price’, Price: Theory & Practice,  no. 3, pp. 53-54. (CSSCI)

à  Ding,  H, Liu, RS & Xu, XM 2011, ‘Zero-Coupon Bond Yield Curve in China Based on  Polynomial Spline Functions’, The Theory and Practice of Finance and  Economics, vol. 32, no. 5, pp. 20-25. (CSSCI)

à  Ding,  H & Pang, C 2011, ‘Estimating China's Interest Rate Risk Based on  Asymmetric GARCH-VaR Models: An Empirical Analysis of Shibor’, Journal of  Macau University of Science and Technology, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 58-67.

à  Ding,  H & Song, JL 2011, and ‘Anatomy of Problems in Teaching “Fixed Rate”  Securities’, Finance Theory and Teaching, no. 2, pp. 67-69

à  Ding,  H 2010, ‘Interest Rate Risk Measurement of Mortgage-backed Securities:  Experience Analysis on “Jianyuan 2005-1 MBS” Security A’, Modern Economic  Science, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 45-53. (CSSCI)

à  Ding,  H, Zhang, WW & Zhai, PX 2010, ‘Study on Asymmetric Impact of Information  on Macao Interbank Market’, Macao New Vision, no. 5, pp. 21-30.

à  Ding,  H 2010, ‘Affordable Housing System: Corruption, Efficiency and Fairness’,  Teahouse for Economists, pp. 74-77.

à  Ding,  H 2010, ‘U.S. Treasury Bonds: A Strategic View’, Jinghai Scholars, pp.  16-17.

à  Ding,  H 2008, ‘Model of Taxi Planning in Urban Traffic Management’, Mathematics  in Practice and Theory, vol. 38, no. 6, pp. 94-101. CSSCI

à  Ding,  H & Xu, CX 2008, ‘The Analysis on the Carriers of Cross-Market Financial  Risks in Current China’, Shanghai Finance, no. 3, pp. 52-56. (CSSCI)

à  Song,  M & Ding, H 2008, ‘Dynamics of Transnational Corporation's Withdrawal of  Capital from Host Countries’, Forum of World Economics & Politics,  no. 2, pp. 7-12. (CSSCI)

à  Ding,  H & Xu, CX 2007, ‘Analysis of Economic Development Model on Thailand's  Financial Crisis in 1997 and Financial Turbulence in 2006’, Asia-Pacific  Economic Review, no. 4, pp. 7-12. (CSSCI)

à  Ding,  H & Li, JY 2006, ‘Market Analysis Based on 'Cobweb Model' under coal  time-bargain system’, China Coal, no. 1, pp. 15-17.


Conference Papers

à  Ding,  H & Wu, L 2013, 'Bayesian Analysis of Interbank Lending Market Volatility  Using SV Model: Empirical Analysis from SHIBOR', in 2013 International  Conference on Engineering, Management Science and Innovation, Macau,  China.

à  Song,  M, Ding, H, Li, FX & Liu, JH 2013, 'Behavioral Game Analysis between the  Supply and Demand of Oversea Hydropower Investment Income Insurance', in 2013  International Conference on Engineering, Management Science and Innovation,  Macau, China.

à  Ding,  H, Ma, RF & Song, JL 2011, 'Regulatory Framework of Basel 3 and its  Impact on China', in 2011 Macao International Symposium on Accounting and  Finance, Macao, China.

à  Wu,  L & Ding, H 2011, 'Information Overflow from Futures and Spot Markets to  Underlying Assets', in 2011 3rd IEEE International Conference  on Information Management and Engineering, IEEE Press, Zhengzhou,  China, pp. 230-234.

à  Ding,  H & Xu, CX 2008, 'Measuring the Risk of China Interbank Lending Market in  VaR', in International Conference on Business Intelligence and Financial  Engineering, eds FH Wen, L Yu, YH Wang, Z Ye & SY Wang, Atlantis  Press, Changsha, China, pp. 351-357. (CPCI-SSH: 000262917800048)



Newspaper Articles

à  Ding,  H 2013, ‘Discussion of Strategies for Implementing Basel Accord and ’, Macao  Daily, 2013.2.3, p. A11.

à  Ding,  H 2011, ‘Thinking on Constructing Nationwide Dividends System’, Macao  Daily, 2011.3.23, p. F2.

Monograph and  Teaching Materials

à  Cao JH et al. Questions  Resolution for Macroeconomics. Tsinghua University Press, 2007. (Chapter  1 and 2, around 30, 000 words)

Research  Projects

Project Leader

à  2016.03-now:   Study on China’s Inflation Index Bonds and Derivatives Market, sponsored by  2015 Guangdong Training Plan for Excellent Young Teachers in Institutions of Higher  Learning (Project  No.: YQ2015069)

à  2014.06-  now:  Study on Effectiveness and Pattern Design of Inflation Indexed  Bonds, sponsored by The National Social Science Foundation of China (Project  No.: 14CJL010)

à  2013.11-  now:  Research on Indicators of Countercyclical Capital Buffers in the  Framework of Basel Accord :  An Empirical Analysis from the Greater China, sponsored by Joint Funds for  GDUFS Young Scholars (Project No.: 13s39)

à  2011.11-2012.12   Study on Strategies of Macao Banking's Responses to Basel Accord , sponsored by  Macao Foundation (Project No.: MF-MUST-0187)


Main Participant

à  2011.02-  now:  Study on Behavioral Finance Theory and Method Construction of  Subjective Portfolio Model, sponsored by The National Social Science  Foundation of China (Project No.: 11BJY013)

à  2011.04-2012.11:   A Study of Macao Economy: Moderate Diversification, International  Competitiveness and Sustainable Development, sponsored by Macao Foundation (Project  No.: MF-MUST-0185)

à  2012.11.01-now:   A Study on Public Administration and Livelihood Issues, sponsored by Macao  Foundation (Project  No.: MF-MUST-0248)

à  2011.02-2011.04:   A Study on Macao SAR Government's Relief Policy, sponsored by Macao  Foundation (Project  No.: MF-MUST-1079)

à  2009.11-2012.03:    A Study on Reconstructing the Philosophical Foundation and Application Value  of Paraconsistent Logic, sponsored by Macao Foundation (Project  No.: MF-MUST-0156)

à  2005.01-2006.12:   Potential Risks and Prevention Measures against Withdrawal of International  Capital, The Soft Science Research Program of Jiangsu Province, China (Project  No.: BR2005021)

Teaching  Research Achievements

Educational Reform Projects

à  2016.02  – now:  Basic Design and Teaching Study on Course “Risk Value (VaR)”,  2015 School-level Teaching Research Project (GWJY2015067).

Professional  Affiliations

·          2017.03-now:   Vice President, Macau Alumni Association of China Yanan Executive  Leadership Academy;

·          2011.03-now:   Supervisor, Macau Accounting and Finance Academy;

·          2009.09-now:   Member, Macau Young Research Association;

·          2009.09-now:   Member, Macau New Vision Association;

Consultancy  Projects

Project Leader

à  2013.12-2014.07:  Senior Executives Training Program for Guangdong Micro-credit Companies,  Financial Affairs Office of Guangdong Province & Guangdong Association of  Micro-credit.

Main Participant

à  2008.06-2008.12:  Industrial Development Plan of New Energy of Rudong Country, Bureau of New  Energy, Rudong County

à  2007.03-2007.10:  Development Plan of Wind Power Plants of Rudong County, Rudong County  Government

à  2007.03-2007.10:  Development Strategies for International Economic & Technical Exchange  and Cooperation Center, Ministry of Water Resources, International Economic  & Technical Exchange and Cooperation Center, Ministry of Water Resources

à  2006.08-2006.10:  The Economic Development Strategic Plan of the Coastal Areas of Sheyang  County, Sheyang County Government

à  2005.01-2005.11:  A Study on Concept Plan of Yangkou Port Logistics Park, Yangkou Port  Development Zone Management Committee, Rudong County

à  2005.03-2005.11:  A Strategic Study on Coal Futures of Huangdao Power Plant, Huangdao Power  Plant

à  2005.04-2005.08:  Consulting Report on System Reform of the Real Estate Management Company of  Qinhuai District, Qinhuai Real Estate Operating Corporation

Awards &  others

à  Excellent  paper at 5th Emergence Management Scientist Forum & Financial  Risk Management Forum, 2016.11

à  Yearly GDUFS  Excellent Party Member, 2016.07

à  Party Branch  of Faculty at Business Management Department was awarded as Advanced  Grass-roots Party Organization in School of Business (Acting as branch secretary),  2016.07

à  Yearly working  Activist of GDUFS Labor Union, 2016.05

à  Second Prize  for GDUFS First Micro-lecture Contest, 2015. 07

à  Third Prize  for 2015 Guangdong Provincial Micro-lecture Contest in Institutions of Higher  Learning. 2015.06

à  Second  Prize for 2014 GDUFS Excellent Research Achievements, 2015. 04

à  Excellent  Doctoral Dissertation of Hohai University in 2010, 2010.12

à  Award  of Excellence in Contest of Students' Papers on Science and Technology  Innovation in Jiangsu Province, 2008.12

à  Second  Prize for the 10th Jiangsu Provincial Philosophy and Social  Sciences Achievements, (The Potential Risk Measurement and Prevention  Measures for Withdrawal of International Capital,) No. BR2005021, 2007.  (Project participant)

à  Second  Prize in 2005 National Postgraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling,  December, 2005.

à  Excellent  Lecturer on Computer in the implementation of project designing and  management training program for the Yangtze/Pearl River Water and Soil  Conservation Preparation Project, supported by the World Bank. (10th  – 21st, August, 2005)


Address: Office 327, Building  of Schools and Departments, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (South  Campus).

Email: hding@gdufs.edu.cn


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