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Chen Chen
2017-07-25 11:56  


Personal  Information

Name: Chen  Chen

Gender: Female

Date of Birth:  1986/01

Native Place: Jilin  Province

Nationality:  Han




Innovation and  Entrepreneurial Management

Course Taught

Undergraduate:  Management, Entrepreneurial Management

Graduate:  Knowledge Management and Technological Innovation



Jilin  University, Technological Economics and Management, Ph.D. of Management,

Jilin  University, International Trade, Master’s degree of Economics,



Changchun  University Of Technology, international economics and trade, Bachelor of  Economics,

Work  Experience

2014.10-now:   Lecturer, School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Research  Outputs

Journal Papers

à  Chen,  B., Cai, L., Chen, C. & Chen, G. (2014). Study on Entrepreneurial  Learning Pattern for New Enterprises—A Multi-case Study based on Chinese  High-Tech Enterprises. Studies in Science of Science, 32(3): 392-399. (CSSCI)

à  Chen,  C., Zhu, X, Ao, J. & Cai, L. (2013). Governance Mechanisms and New  Venture Performance in China. Systems Research and Behavioral Science.  30(3): 383-397.SSCI

à  Zhu,  X., Chen, C. & Cai, L. An Empirical Study on Relationships between  Resources Acquisition and Performance of New Enterprises.Journal of Management Sciences in China, 13(4):  44-56. (CSSCI)  

à  Zhu,  X., Chen, C. & Ji, Y. (2010). Exploring Competitive Advantages of New  Enterprises from the Perspectives of Entrepreneurial Orientations, Networking  Competence and Knowledge Resources. Foreign Economies and Management, 32(5):  9-16. (CSSCI)

à  Zhu,  X., Chen, C. & Yang, J. (2010). Dimensional Test and Research Framework  Building of Networking Competence of New Enterprises. Studies in Science  of Science, 28(8): 1222-1229. (CSSCI)

Monograph and  Teaching Materials

à  Guangdong  LED Industrial Chain Management and International Competitiveness,  2017

Research  Projects

Main Participant

à  2017.01-2020.12  Study  on Promotion Mechanism and Route of Manufacturing Value Chain Based From the  Innovation-driven Perspective, sponsored by National  Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No.: 71673064),  RMB  480, 000.

à  2016.01-  2019.12:  The “Belt and Road Initiative” Building and Made-in-China:  Strategy Transformation and Improvement of Value Chain, sponsored by National  Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 71573058),  RMB 480, 000.

à  2016.01-2018.12 Inducement  Mechanism of Exclusion from Supervisors and Colleagues and its Influences on  Employees’ Civil Behaviors: A Perspective of Moral Exclusion and Theory of  Balance, sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of  China (Project  No. 71502042),  RMB 190, 000.

à  2015.01-2017.12:   Influencing Mechanism of Entrepreneurs’ Characteristics on Opportunity-driven  Entrepreneurial Behaviors—A Perspective of Entrepreneurial Learning,  sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of  China (Project  No. 71402064),  RMB 200, 000.

à  2014.01-2016.12:   Study on Influencing Mechanism of Entrepreneurial Orientation and  Speculation Orientation on Entrepreneurial Competence in Current China,  sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation of  China (Project  No. 71302039),  RMB 200, 000.

à  2013.01-2017.12:   Study on Enterprise Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Resources Developmental  Behaviors under the Circumstances of China’s Transitional Economy, sponsored  by National  Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 71232011),  RMB 2, 390, 000.

à  2013.01-2016.12:   Study on Characteristics of Senior Managerial Teams, Enterprise  Entrepreneurial Orientations and Binary Learning Relationships in the Context  of Transitional Economy, sponsored by National  Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No. 71272001),  RMB 510, 000.


Awards &  others

à  2015  Representative of China Area for Global Final Competition of Global Social  Venture Competition (Silicon Valley in San Francisco, U.S.A.)

à  Second  Prize for 2014 Global Social Venture Competition (China Area)

à  2013  National Scholarships for Doctoral Students

à  Second  Prize for 2011 Jilin University 25th Graduate “Elite Cup” Contest  of Academic Achievement, 2011


Address: Office 327, Building  of Schools and Departments, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (South  Campus).

Email: 201410079@oamail.gdufs.edu.cn



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