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Qu Yingying
2017-07-25 11:58  


Personal  Information

Name: Qu  Yingying

Gender: Female

Date of Birth:  1984/10

Native Place: Jiangsu  Province

Nationality:  Han



Engineering Project  Management, PPP Project Management, Contract Management of Construction  Engineering, Management Information System

Course Taught

PPP Project  Management



University  of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, Ph.D. of Engineering Project  Management

City  University of Hong Kong, Master of Engineering Project  Management



Zhejiang  Gongshang University, Bachelor of Engineering Management

Work  Experience

2017.04-now:   Yunshan Scholar, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies;

2011.07-2012.08:   Research assistant, Research Center for Dispute Mediation of  Construction Engineering, co-founded by City University of Hong Kong and High  Court of Hong Kong;

2007.07-2008.08:   Suzhou Anxin Cost Engineering Office

Research  Outputs

Journal Papers

à  Hao,  T., Chen, B., Qu, Y. (*corresponding author) (2016). An Automated  Method for Gender Information Identification from Clinical Trial Texts. In:  Yin X., Geller J., Li Y., Zhou R., Wang H., Zhang Y. (eds) Health Information  Science. HIS 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol.10038, pp.109-118.  (EI)

à  Hao,  T., Li, C., Liang, W., Qu, Y. (*corresponding author). (2016). A  Topical Diversity-based Approach to Detecting Similar Question Groups from  Collaborative Question-Answering Archives. Web Intelligence, vol. 14, no. 4,  pp. 301-308. (SCI)

à  Hao,  T. and Qu, Y. (*corresponding author) (2015). QSem: A Novel Question  Representation Framework for Question Matching over Accumulated  Question-Answer Data, Journal of Information Science. Volume 42, No. 5,  583-596. (SSCI, SCI IF1.2)

à  Qu,  Y. and  Cheung, S. O.(2014). Pedagogical Principle-based Experiential  E-learning Exploration in Construction Mediation Training, Journal of  Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, 140(2), 04013015.  (SCI)

à  Qu,  Y. and  Cheung, S. O.(2013). Experimental Evaluation of Logrolling as an  Effective Mediator Tactic, International Journal of Project Management, 31(5):775–790.  (SSCI, SCI IF 2.8)

à  Hao,  T. and Qu, Y. (2013). Toward Automatic Semantic Annotating and Pattern  Mining for Domain Knowledge Acquisition, Pertanika Journal of Science and  Technology, 21(1):169-182.

à  Qu,  Y. and  Cheung, S. O. (2012). Logrolling ‘Win-Win’ Settlement in Construction Dispute  Mediation, Automation in Construction, Vol. 24, pp. 61-71. (SCI IF 2.4)  

à  Qu,  Y.  (2007). Game Theory in Marketing Positioning (in Chinese), Journal of  Technoeconomics & Management Research, Volume 1, pp. 27-28.


Conference Papers

à  Qu,  Y.,  Loosemore, M., Wang, C. (2015). An Investigation of Opportunistic Behavior in  Public-Private Partnerships, In Proceedings of the conference RICS COBRA  AUBEA 2015, Sydney, Australia.

à  Qu,  Y.  and Loosemore, M. (2013). A Meta-analysis of Opportunistic Behavior in  Public-Private Partnerships: Manifestations and Antecedents, In: Smith, S.D  and Ahiaga-Dagbui, D.D (Eds) Procs 29th Annual ARCOM Conference, 2-4  September 2013, Reading, UK, Association of Researchers in Construction  Management, 415-424.

à  Cheung,  S. O. and Qu, Y. (2013). Construction Mediation Training: A Case of  Pedagogical Principle-based E-learning, In Proceedings of the TG 68 CIB World  Building Congress, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland,  Australia.

à  Qu,  Y.,  Zhang, M., Cheung, S. O. (2012). The Effects of Compliance, Identification  and Internalization on Conflict Management Styles, In Proceedings of the  Management to Construction: Research to Practice, CIB International  Conference of W55, W65, W89, W118, TG76, TG78, TG81 and TG84, Montreal,  Canada, pp. 1129-1140.

à  Hao,  T., Qu, Y., Xia, F. (2012). Domain Knowledge Acquisition by Automatic  Semantic Annotating and Pattern Mining. In Proceedings of the International  Conference on Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management (CAMP), Kuala  Lumpur, Malaysia, pp. 34-38.

à  Qu,  Y.  and Cheung, S. O. (2010). Multi-objective Decision Making Model for  Construction Dispute Mediation, In Proceedings of the CIB World Building  Congress, Salford, UK, pp. 13-24.


Monograph and  Teaching Materials

à  Qu,  Y.  and Cheung, S. O. (2014). Logrolling “win-win” Settlement in Construction  Dispute Mediation, In Sai On Cheung (Ed.) Construction Dispute Research: Conceptualisation,  Avoidance and Resolution. Springer, pp. 383-410.


Research  Projects

Main Participant

à  2016.01  – now:  “The Research of Large Scale QA data Reuse and its Application  on Medical Domain”, Higher Education Excellent Youth Teachers Training Project  of Guangdong Province (Project No. YQ2015062, RMB300, 000);

à  2015.01  – now:  “The Research of Multi-dimensional Semantic Pattern for Question  Answering Systems”, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Project No.  61403088, RMB250, 000);

à  2014.06  –2017.03:  “Development of an Insoirlab for Construction Dispute  Resolution Studies”, University Grants Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong (Project  No.: 6989011);

à  2013.01  –2016.06:  “Trust Building in Construction: Evidence, Bases and  Measures”, University Grants Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong (Project No.:  9041442);

à  2012.06  –2015.12:  “An Investigation on the Relationships between Organizational  Culture and Performance of Construction Organizations”, University Grants  Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong (Project No.: 9041336);

à  2011.01  –2014.03:  “Investigating the Effects of Negotiation-efficacy on the  Choice of Tactics and Performance in Construction Dispute Negotiation”,  University Grants Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong (Project No.: 7002385);

à  2010.01  –2013.03:  “A Comparative Study on the Use of ADR in Resolving  Construction Dispute”, University Grants Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong  (Project No.: 7002498);

à  2009.01  –2012.02  “An Examination of the Effects of Equity Sensitivity in  Construction Dispute Negotiation”, The Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong  Kong (Project No.: 7002301);

à  2008.01  –2011.02    “Analyzing Construction Contract Dispute: A Fault  Tree Methodology”, Government research funding (GRF) of Hong Kong (Project  No.: 9041119);


Teaching  Research Achievements

Reviewer  of Computer Applications in Engineering Education (SCI)

Reviewer  of Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and  Construction (EI)

Professional  Affiliations

Member  of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor (RICS)

Member  of Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

Awards &  others

2016.11   Best Paper Award for 5th HIS International Conference

2012-2016   University International Postgraduate Award Provided by Australian Government




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