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LI Chunyu
2017-07-25 12:00  


Personal  Information

Name: LI  Chunyu

Gender: female  

Native place:  Meizhou, Guangdong

Nationality:  Han


Research  Orientation  

Social media  marketing and online word-of-mouth marketing in big data age, and consumer  behavior in such context

Courses  Taught  


Master: N/A

Bachelor:Network  Marketing, Marketing Principles  


PhD: Lingnan University (HongKong)  (2012.09-2015.08)

Master: Sun  Yat-Sen University (2004.09-2006.07)

Bachelor:  Jinan University (2000.09-2004.07)

Training:  N/A

Work Experience  

Guangdong  University of Foreign Studies (since 2016.09): lecturer

Lingnan  University (HongKong) (2015.09-2016.08): postdoctor  

Lingnan  University (HongKong) (2006.12-2012.08): full-time or part-time research  assistant

Academic Paper  

[1]       Chunyu  Li*, Geng Cui, and Ling Peng (2017), “The signaling  effect of management response in engaging customers: A study of the hotel  industry,” Tourism Management, 62 (Oct), 42-53.

[2]       Chunyu  Li*, Ling Peng, and Geng Cui (2017), “Picking  Winners: New Product Concept Testing With The Item Response Theory,”  International Journal of Market Research, 59 (3).

[3]       Peng,  Ling, Geng Cui, Mengzhou Zhuang, and Chunyu Li (2016), “Consumer  Perceptions of Online Review Deceptions: An Empirical Study in China,”  Journal of Consumer Marketing, 33 (4), 269-280.

[4]       Peng,  Ling, Geng Cui and Chunyu Li (2013), “The Comparative Impact of  Critics and Consumers: Applying the Generalizability Theory to Online Movie  Ratings,” International Journal of Market Research, 55 (3): 67-90.

[5]       Peng,  Ling, Chunyu Li and Xiang Wan (2012), “A Framework for Optimizing the  Cost and Performance of Concept Testing,” Journal of Marketing Management, 28  (7/8): 1000-1013.

[6]       Peng,  Ling, Geng Cui, and Chunyu Li (2012), “Individual Differences in  Consumer Responses to Traditional versus Virtual Concept Testing,” Journal of  Product & Brand Management, 21 (3), 167-175.

Academic  Post  

Reviewer of  several journals, including Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal  of Global Marketing and International Journal of Consumer Studies.  

Awards and Other Honors  

Won  the Best Paper Award for making a speech on the thesis “Online Responding as  an Innovative Communication Channel to Engage Customers” at Academy of  International Business Conference (South Asia) in December 2015.

Nominated  as the excellent graduate of doctor of business studies at Lingnan  University in July 2015.

Won  the highest evaluation award of the year of 2013 of Journal of Product &  Brand Management with the thesis “Individual Differences in Consumer  Responses to Traditional Versus Virtual Concept Testing”.


Address:  Marketing Department, Business School of Guangdong University of Foreign  Studies, Baiyun Avenue No.2, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province,  China



Email: chunyuli@ln.hk; chunyuli@gdufs.edu.cn


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