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​Liu Shumin
2022-06-17 10:52  

Personal  Information

Name: Liu  Shumin

Gender: Female  

Date of Birth:  July 20,1983

Birth Place:  Shandong Province, China

Ethnicity: Han  

Shumin Liu

Research  Interests

Supply Chain  Management; Green Supply chain management

Courses  Taught

UndergraduateSupply Chain  Management; Supply Chain sand table; International Procurement Management,  logistics management

Educational  Background

Doctorate  degree: Majoring Logistics at Inha University(Korea)

Master:  Master of Economics at Inha University(Korea)

Bachelor:   BA at Yantai University(Shandong, China)

Working  Experience

August  2015—now: Lecturer at Department of Logistics, School of Business, GDUFS  (Guangzhou, China) August 2009-- August 2011: Specialized in international  procurement and trade in a Korean corporation(Seoul, Korea)

Publications  and Papers

Papers and Publications

1.      Manufacturers’  closed-loop orientation for green supply chain management, Sustainability  (SSCI), 2017, 9, 222-250.

2.      Cruise  travelers’ satisfaction at a port of call, Maritime Policy & Management  (SSCI), 2016, 43, 484-494.

3.      Economic  impact of cruise industry using regional input-output analysis: a case study  of Incheon, Maritime Policy & Management (SSCI), 2016, 43, 1-18.

Papers at Academic Conferences

1.  Closed-Loop Orientation and Performance, Annual conference of the  International Association of Maritime Economists, 2015, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia.

2.  Closed loop orientation for green supply chain management, International  Conference on Research Trends of International Trade and Transport Logistics,  2014, Incheon, Korea.

3.  Economic impact of cruise industry using regional input-output analysis: a  case of Incheon, Annual conference of the International Association of  Maritime Economists, 2014, Norfolk, United States.

4.  Conceptual framework of Closed-loop orientation in the context of Green  Supply Chain Management  7th International Forum on Shipping, Ports and Airports, 2014, Hong Kong,  China.

Contact  Information

Address: Room  327 at Faculty Building, GDUFS (Campus in Guangdong University City),  Guangdong Province

E-mail addressshumin.liu@gdufs.edu.cn


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