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Dongman Cai
2022-06-17 10:31  

Dongman Cai (Dr.)

Personal Information

Name: Dongman Cai

Gender: Female

Research Direction

Business Discourse, CSR report, Metaphor and Framing

Courses Taught

Undergraduate: Human Resource Management

Education Background

OCT 2016- JUN 2021 Doctor of Philosophy, University of Leeds

SEPT 2013- JUN 2016 M.A. in Business English Study,

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

SEPT 2009- JUN 2013 Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Arts, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies



DEC 2021- now Post-Doctoral Research Fellow,

School of Business at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

SEPT 2018 - 2020 Personal Tutor for Master of TESOL (25 Tutees),

School of Education at University of Leeds

Academic Papers

Cai, Dongman.2021. Corpus studies on the use and framing of metaphor in popular economic discourse. PhD thesis, University of Leeds.

Cai, D. and Deignan, A. 2019. Metaphors and evaluation in popular economic discourse on trade wars. In: Ferrando, I.N. (Ed.), Current approaches to metaphor analysis in discourse. Berlin/New York: De Gruyter Mouton. pp. 57-78.

Monograph and Teaching Materials

Completing Chapter Five Study on Business English Curriculum System for BA

level of Monograph Study on Business English Curriculum System

(Shanghai: Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press)


*China Scholarship Council (CSC) PhD Scholarship Program (4 years)

*Collaborating with Dr. Hu from Guangzhou University; Our business planning was awarded as part of Bluebook of 2018 Guangdong PhD and Post-Doctor Entrepreneurship Project

* China National Scholarship for Post-graduate Students


GDUFS South Campus

E-mail: 202140008@oamail.gdufs.edu.cn


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