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Shanshan Qian
2022-08-23 16:11  

  Shanshan Qian PhD

Personal Information

Name: Shanshan Qian


Gender: Female


E-Mail: 202210019@oamail.gdufs.edu.cn


Research Direction

Organizational behavior (Job stressor, Leadership, Proactive behavior)

Education Background

PhD: September 2016—November 2020   Nankai University

Master: September 2014—July 2016      Harbin Institute of Technology

Bachelor: September 2010—June 2014    Northeast Agricultural University



June 2022 till now: School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Academic Papers

1. Qian, S., Lim, V.K.G., & Gao Y. (2022). Can qualitative job insecurity instigate workplace incivility? The moderating roles of self-compassion and rumination. Career Development International. DOI:10.1108/CDI-11-2021-0280.

2. Qian, S., Yan, L., & Yan, C. (2022). Leader humility as a predictor of employees feedback-seeking behavior? The intervening role of psychological safety and job insecurity. Current Psychology, 41,1348-1360.

3. Qian, S., Yuan, Q., Lim, V.K.G., Niu, W., & Liu, Z. (2020). Do job insecure leaders perform less transformational leadership? The roles of emotional exhaustion and trait mindfulness. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 27(4): 376-388.

4. Qian, S., Yuan, Q., Niu, W., & Liu, Z. (2019). Is job insecurity always bad? The moderating role of job embeddedness in the relationship between job insecurity and job performance. Journal of Management & Organization, 1-17. DOI:10.1017/jmo.2018.77.

5. Yuan, Q., Qian, S., & Wang, C. (2017). The review and prospect for employee turnover research. Human Resources Development of China, 4, 6-14.

6. Zhang, L., Qian, S., & Lin, Y. (2016). Model Construction and Its Empirical Test of the Complex Effects of Social Support on Turnover Intention. Science of Science and Management of S.&.T., 37(1), 171-180.

Scientific Research Projects

Research on Intrinsic Attributes, Activation Mechanism and Resource Value of the Social Connections between Ex-employees and Organizations: Perspective of Legacy Identification (72072096) Participant


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