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Vice President Yang Aimin Attends Opening Seminar on China-Portuguese-speaking countries Research and Innovation Team

   On the afternoon of November 17, 2017, the opening seminar on China-Portuguese-speaking countries research and innovation team was successfully held on the Conference Room 402 of MBA Education Center of North campus. Vice President Yang Aimin of GDUFS attended the seminar and gave important speeches. Vice Director of Research Department Chen Ping, Dean of School of Business Zhu Wenzhong, Party Secretary of Faculty of European Languages and Cultures (FELC) Fang Hua attended the seminar respectively on behalf of Research Department and supportive organizations. The seminar washosted by Vice Dean of SOB Yuan Denghua.

At the beginning of the seminar, Vice President Yang Aimin first on behalf of GDUFS extended warm welcome to the present experts. Yang Aimin introduced the strategy of GDUFS setting up the research and innovation team and the achievements that have been made, placed expectations on the team to fully integrate the two subjects’ advantages toachieve high-quality research results in the future. He also required Research Department and supportive organizations to do a good job of service support.


Secretary Fang Hua of FELC pointed outthat the deep combination of Portuguese subjects and management subjects couldensure quality outcomes. Dean Zhu Wenzhong introduced the research status quo of region and country done by SOB and SOB’s support for the team. He hoped that the team could further refine research direction and features, give play toadvantages of discipline and make brilliant achievements in region and countryresearches. Vice Director of Research Department Chen Ping, from the perspective of the management of research and innovation team, noted that the team needs tocarefully listen to the opinions of experts, constantly improve the researchplan, establish and improve the team management mechanism and give play toadvantages of different subjects. He also said that the Research Departmentwill fully perform its service work.


      In the second phase of theseminar, on behalf the team, Vice Prof. Ding Hao made a report on thepreparatory work, refining of research direction, research progress and results and talents cultivation since the establishment of the team to experts andleaders. The report pointed out that since the project was approved by GDUFS,many meetings have been held to unite consensus, refine research direction andresults.  

      On the supplementary speech, lecturer Shang Xuejiao reported on how the team, starting from the existing cooperation platforms for Portuguess-speaking countries in GDUFS, could make full use ofthe resources and platforms provided by GDUFS to realize the docking between resources and research platforms and ensure the output of research results  


After the team reports, experts putforward valuable suggestions on the construction and management of the team.Prof. Zhu Kongwu of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics fullyrecognized the strategic plan of the team, and suggested that team’s researchcan deeply integrate into China’s the Belt and Road construction and international political situation. Vice Prof. Liu Chengkun of Macau University of Science andTechnology gave guidance on specific chapters and contents in the Blue Bookbased on the expected results of the team’s research. Prof. Liu Xiaoping, the chief editor of Journal of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, proposed valuable suggestions on the setting of contents in the Blue Book. Vice Secretary General Zeng Chuhong of Guangdong Institute for Internationa l Strategies advised the team to fully integrate China’s Belt and Road strategyand construction planning of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, giveplay to the team’s advantages and conduct researched on industrial upgradingand capacity cooperation.

In the conclusion statement, Vice Dean ofSOB Yuan Denghua expressed gratitude to the experts again for their arrivals,and hoped that experts continue to guide the research work of SOB in thefuture. Project Managers Ding Hao and Shang Xuejiao noted that experts providea “golden key” for the development of the team , and that the team would absorb experts’ opinions , and live up to the expectations of GDUFS leaders anddedications of experts to build the team.



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