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The Opening Ceremony of the MBA Education Centre of GDUFS Was Held to Welcome New Students
2017-07-19 13:48  

On July15th, 2017,the opening ceremony ofthe MBA Education Centre was held inthe 9th teaching building of GDUFS. 135 new students from all around the countrygathered together at the MBA Education Center in the hope of preparingthemselves for becoming future business leaders. The MBA Education Center, withthe distinctive features of foreign language teaching and global vision,strives to cultivate global managers. The AMBA accreditation attracts morestudents by enhancing the teaching characteristics of Guangwai MBA. The ceremonywas attended by the Vice President of GDUFS Jiao Fangtai,Dean of School of Business Zhu Wenzhong, Vice Dean of Graduate School ZhaoChen, Vice Dean of School of Business Yuan Denghua, Liang Jie, Qiu weinian, OfficeDirector Xu yiqing, Director of the MBA Education Center Wang Gang and all the educationaladministrators.  

Picture 1. Director ofMBA Education Center Wang Gangpresiding overthe ceremony

Theceremony started with the school song.

Picture 2. Teachers and freshmen singingthe school song together

Vice President of GDUFS Jiao Fangtai delivered a welcomespeech on behalf of the school faculty. He introduced the history of GDUFS,School of Business and the MBA Centre to the new students. He mentioned that2017 was the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the MBA Centre. TheMBA Education Centre has always constructed an international and high-qualityplatform that trains the students to expand their vision, and develop new waysof thinking, having the employing adaptability to the global environment andapplying entrepreneurship.

Picture 3. VicePresident of GDUFS Jiao Fangtai delivering welcome speech

Vice Dean of Graduate School Zhao Chen also attended theceremony. He expressed threes requests to the new students, which are be kindto themselves, be nice to the others and be friendly with study.

Picture 4. Vice Dean of Graduate School Zhao Chen Speaking

Dean of School ofBusiness Zhu Wenzhong delivered his speech in English. He pointed out that the AMBAAccreditation marks that the MBA programme of the School of Business has metthe criteria of AMBA and the School becomes No. 26 in China and No. 225 in theworld as an AMBA-accredited business school. He said thatthe MBA center is dedicated to the SMILE values. SStands for Social Responsibility, M for Mutual Respect, I for Integrity , L forLearning by doing, and E for Entrepreneurship. He hoped that students could pursuethese values both in their learning process and daily life.

Picture 5. Dean of School ofBusiness Zhu Wenzhong Speaking

Professor Zhang Wubao congratulated the new students for becomingmembers of School of Business. He pointed out that international languages especiallyinternational business English had become important communication meansnowadays. He also stressed that a decent man should never lied and hoped thestudents could live by a strict moral code.

Picture 6. Professor Zhang Wubaospeaking

The representer of the new students Li Yanyu gave hisspeech by sharing his reasons for choosing Guangwai MBA. He studied his BachelorDegree in GDUFS which enabled him to become a middle manager with practicalskills. He hoped to get further education in his mother school, hoping torequire both a comprehensive ability as well as a know-how in one particularfield.

Picture 7. The representerofthe new students Li Yanyu speaking.

All the attendees took a group photo to mark the occasion after the ceremony in front of the MBA Building.

Picture 8. Group photo

In the aim of getting the new students to know each other and befamiliar with the campus, the icebreaking activities were held in theafternoon. Every new student was devoted to the games and achieved an emotional connection with theirclassmates.

Picture 9. President of the MBA Student Union introducing the organization

Picture 10. Standing up arm in arm

Picture 11. Flag designing

Picture 12. Exploring the campus.

The next day, new students were guided into outward experiential trainingprograms which emphasized on physical challenges and teamwork outside thecampus.

Picture 13. Warming up

Picture 14. Group show

Picture 15. Decoding cards

Picture 16. Hitting balls with adrum

Picture 17. Getting on Noah's Ark

Picture 18. Conclusion

Picture 19. Group photo

MBA new students were quickly involved in the new environment afterparticipating two days’ activities. The next activity to come is the marketing competitionaccording to the value of “Learning by doing”.

For further information about the MBA Education Centre of GDUFS,please click the following link.http://mba.gdufs.edu.cn/cn/pages/enrollment.html

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