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Teaching Practice Week in the Second Term of 2019: SOB and Guangzhou Lianjie Culture Media Limited Jointly Build an Internship Base.
2020-01-11 18:02  

On the afternoon of January 8th, the granting ceremony of jointly building the internship base between SOB and Guangzhou Lianjie Culture Media Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Lianjiehui") was held at Zhihuigu Talents Union in Guangzhou College Town. DING Hao, Vice Dean of SOB, MENG Ding, Director of Business Administration Division, QU Yingying and ZHU Zhenduo, Yunshan Young Scholars, and LU Wenjie, Secretary of Academic Programs Division attended the ceremony. LIAN Jie, founder of Lianjiehui, and ZI Haosen, deputy general manager of Zhihuigu Talents Union gave a warm reception to the staff of SOB. DING Hao appreciated Lianjiehui's support for the work of developing an internship base and introduced the basic situation of the cooperation and the results of the discipline development. LIAN Jie extended his welcome to the coming of SOB and acclaimed the internationalized talent training model of SOB. The two sides said in the future, they would give full play to their respective advantages, further cooperate in talent training, research and students' internship to jointly build an excellent internship base.

The scene of the ceremony

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