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SOB Provides Students with Remote Interview Rooms During the Pandemic
2022-04-01 10:44  

Recently, graduates have encountered difficulties in job interviews. In order to help students solve the inconvenience of going out for interviews during the pandemic and lacking space for Postgraduate Entrance Examination interviews, SOB has actively coordinated to provide a number of remote interview rooms in the office building to all the school students, facilitating their Postgraduate Entrance Examination, internship and employment.

Students can use the remote interview rooms by making an appointment from the school in advance. The remote interview rooms are clean and tidy, and the online interview equipment is well-equipped. The students who participated in the interview said that the remote interview rooms provided by the school have solved their practical difficulties.

In order to further improve students' sense of gain, happiness, and satisfaction, SOB held a meeting with student representatives from all grades to deeply learn about the students' difficulties and needs, and collect suggestions for the development of the school. After sorting out and investigating the problems, the school formulated work plans and measures. WEI Chuanwen, Secretary of the Party Committee of SOB, said that SOB would take this opportunity to build a long-term mechanism of "doing practical things for students", constantly improve the work of the school and enhance the level of teaching, management and service.

Testing interview equipment


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