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Tang Rui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of GDUFS, Visited Student Dormitories and Talked with Students
2022-05-12 11:06  

On May 10, TANG Rui, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of GDUFS, visited SOB's student dormitories and had a face-to-face conversation with students on growth. WEI Chuanwen, Secretary of the Party Committee of SOB, SHEN Changxia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SOB, and WANG Zhen, ZHANG Zhe, Counselors of SOB, were also engaged in the conversation.

In Room 537 of Building 8, TANG Rui talked with students cordially and asked about their academic and career planning in detail. The students shared their academic and career plans based on their own experiences. TANG Rui praised the positive and enterprising spirits of the students and provided them with guiding suggestions.

The conversation has narrowed the distance between students and teachers, enabled students to feel the university’s loving care for them, and helped the university to fully understand students’ concerns and needs. After the conversation, students said they were deeply inspired, had a more comprehensive understanding of their career planning, and further clarified their goals.


TANG Rui communicated with students.

Source: https://bs.gdufs.edu.cn/info/1016/18254.htm

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