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The Party Committee of SOB Holds a Thematic Party Day Event in Ruyuan County, Shaoguan
2022-07-15 17:51  

On July 12th, the Party Committee of SOB held the thematic party day event of "Adhere to the Guidance of Party Building and Empower Rural Revitalization" in Guitou Town, Ruyuan County in Shaoguan. Many Representatives attended this event, including WEI Chuanwen, Secretary of the Party Committee of SOB, SHANG Jieqiang, First Secretary of the village and Deputy Secretary-general of the Guangdong Institute for International Strategies of GDUFS, ZHI Zhongpei and LONG Junhong, members of the resident working team, WANG Zhen and HUANG Yongjie, teachers of SOB.

Representatives of SOB held a meeting with the resident officials and the village committee at the Party and Mass Service Center of Yangpi Village, Guitou Town. SHANG Jieqiang introduced the work of the resident working team since their arrival in the town, the overall requirements, tasks and related plans for rural revitalization. According to the work requirements, WEI Chuanwen shared some feasible directions and paths to promote rural revitalization by relying on the advantages of the new business in SOB. After the meeting, officials of the resident working team led the representatives of the school to make a field visit to see the local water chestnuts, taro industry and crop cultivation. During the on-site investigation, they discussed the key brand projects to be promoted in the next step.

Through this party day event, the teachers saw the fruitful results of rural revitalization and the construction of beautiful village. They expressed that they would continue to study the rural revitalization strategies in depth, so as to combine the local reality and discipline advantages to make the party building lead an important role in rural revitalization.

Group photo.

Source: https://bs.gdufs.edu.cn/info/1016/18348.htm

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