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SOB Successfully Holds the Graduate Symposium for 2022 Postgraduates
2022-06-06 16:35  

On June 2, the graduate symposium for 2022 postgraduates with an academic degree was held in Conference Room 360 of the office building of the south campus, and on Tencent Meeting. WEI Chuanwen, Secretary of the Party Committee of SOB, ZENG Chuhong, Associate Dean of SOB, SHEN Changxia, Deputy Party Secretary, LIU Fanglong, Head of Graduate Studies Division, LI Chunyu, the representative of mentors, HUANG Yongjie, Secretary of Graduate Studies Division, SHEN Zhonghua, counselor of SOB graduate students, and all 2022 postgraduates attended the symposium. SHEN Zhonghua presided over the symposium.

At the symposium, WEI Chuanwen congratulated the postgraduates on their successful completion of academic studies, and raised expectations for students on their future. ZENG Chuhong advised the students to keep on improving their ability and professionalism even when they enter the society, and to hold themselves to high standards as true GDUFSers. LIU Fanglong congratulated the postgraduates on their successful completion of the postgraduate study, and wished them to “seize the opportunity in perseverance”. LI Chunyu, representative of mentors, hoped that the postgraduates can keep pursuing an excellent and high-quality life on a new journey, and wished a bright future for the postgraduates.

During the symposium, students spoke their minds freely online and offline, and showed their sincere gratitude to the School, their mentors and classmates, demonstrating the deep bonds between teachers and students. At last, SHEN Changxia expressed that she was moved by the words of the students, and hoped that they can bear in mind their mentors’ advice, make solid contributions to the people and society, and turn out better in their future journey.

Scene of the Symposium

Source: https://bs.gdufs.edu.cn/info/1016/18310.htm

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