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SOB Holds a Mobilization and Experience Exchange Meeting for the Postgraduate Entrance Examination
2022-06-24 16:39  

Recently, SOB has carried out a series of thematic learning activities in the forms of special theoretical learning meetings, organizational life meetings, theme class meetings, and grade meetings, setting off an upsurge of active learning and active exchanges in the whole school.

At the special theoretical learning meeting of political work cadres, SHEN Changxia, Deputy Party Secretary of SOB, pointed out that the political work cadres should walk into the hearts of students, listen to their voices, and strive to train them as the students in the new era who unswervingly listen to and follow the Party and have the ability of taking on the important task of national rejuvenation. All counselors of SOB carried out intensive learning meetings and exchange meetings, including organizational life meetings, theme class meetings, grade meetings, peer tutor training sessions, to lead students to deeply understand the spirit of the important speech given by General Secretary XI Jinping.

Through a series of learning activities, teachers and students of SOB have a deeper understanding of General Secretary XI Jinping’s expectations of young people, thus further strengthening their goals of work and study.

Special theoretical learning meeting

Source: https://bs.gdufs.edu.cn/info/1016/18318.htm

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