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The Party Branch Takes Full Actions | The Party Branches of the Faculty of SoB Studies How to Advance the Implementation of the “Party Leads SoB Forward” Plan.
2023-03-20 10:07  

From March 9th to 16th, the Party branches of the Faculty of SoB, including the branches of the departments of Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resources, E-commerce, and the Office, held a branch meeting in the University Town Campus to discuss and promote the ‘Party Leads SoB Forward’ plan, and held an organizational life meeting and democratic evaluation for the year 2022.

XIAO Ximing knew about the performance of the Party members among faculties and illustrated the background, implementation goals, and specific measures of the Party Leads SoB Forward plan in 2023. Each faculty party branch expressed their willingness to actively integrate into various business developments of the college, identify the crux of problems, leverage their professional advantages, mobilize all party members of the branch, and contribute to the construction of SoB.

In the mutual evaluation and self-criticism session, each faculty party branch earnestly implemented the requirement of ‘criticism-unity-criticism’, and party members conduct self-criticism and mutual evaluation in a serious and earnest manner from aspects such as personal work, ideological consciousness, and theoretical learning.

At the Meeting organized by the Faculty Party Branch of the Department of Business Administration

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