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The seventh "Dynamic star dream" oral English skills contest comes to a successful end
2016-12-12 16:20  

At 19:00 on December 9th, the seventh "dynamic star dream" oral English skills contest final was held by the academic and international exchange department of the youth league committee of our college in F215. The judges and guests presented at this event were: foreign teacher Biliana, the sixth "dynamic star dream" runner-up Zheng Qingyun, the sixth "dynamic star dream" stage Principal Liu Zongwei.

After broadcasting the contestants' personal mien and self-introduction video, the competition began. The first part was product promotion. Eight contestants taken the stage to introduce and promote their products in English and accept the judges' simple questions. No.2 contestant, Chen Wenfeng from class 1502, introduced a Ruggie carpet alarm clock in clear and fluent English. Wang xin, the no. 3 contestant of international innovation class 1601, promoted a BOLD Knot portable charger with her vivid body language. It is worth mentioning that the No.5 contestant from marketing 1503 Huang Feifei in the promotion also used an umbrella to help highlight the product characteristics of Phone-Brella.

During the next stage of celebrity speech imitation, the original video of Emma Watson's speech, TED speech and British female prime minister's speech were played first, and then contestants began their imitation. This part mainly tested the contestants' mastery of speech pronunciation, intonation and emotional expression during the imitation process. All the contestants performed well in this part and won bursts of applause from the audience.

Glorious moments of the contestants

After the halftime performance by the chorus of the school of business was the final part of the competition -- impromptu speech, required the contestants to make an impromptu speech according to the theme given in the competition. Zhang Siming, No. 1 player in human resource management 1503, expounded her understanding and views on "whether attitude is crucial in life" by means of comparison. Liu Xinyi, the no.6 player in class 1608 of business administration, gave an example to express her opinion on "do you believe that seeing is believing". Zeng fang, no.4 player in the class 1503 of human resource management, gives her own opinions according to the question "do you agree that good grades mean good jobs?"

In this competition, each contestant has fully demonstrated their excellent oral English skills to the judges and the audience. Judges Ms. Biliana said she  enjoy listening to the contestants the process of the speech, she gave some suggestions in promoting English, such as paying more attention to the  clearness and accurateness of the articulation from the beginning to the end when reading out a word,  investing more time in practicing oral English and be careful about the expression of emotion , and the pacing as well as the fluctuation in our tone etc., at the same time she expressed her expectation of students'  improvement in oral English.

Comments from Ms. Biliana

Finally, Liu Xinyi from class 1608 of business administration won the first prize for her excellent oral English speech performance. So far, the ‘Dynamic Star Dream’ oral English skills contest was brought to a successful close.

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