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Lighting the career light, help life set sail - business school job-hunting experience sharing and job-hunting skills training will be held successfully
2017-04-26 16:27  

On the evening of April 24th, the business school of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and the alumni service center of the youth league committee student union jointly hosted the successful job-hunting experience sharing and job-hunting skills training session of the business school "2017 series of creation activities "in the teaching building F215 of the south campus. This activity has the honor to invite two outstanding alumni and three outstanding representatives of fresh graduates to share and exchange ideas. For the junior students who are in the confused period, this employment experience sharing is like a timely rain.

Host Liu Zhiba announced the start of the sharing meeting. First of all, Mr. Yang Xin, secretary of the youth league committee of the business school, expressed his gratitude to the outstanding alumni and fresh graduates who took time out of their busy schedule to arrive. At the same time, Yang hopes the students will benefit from it.

Then, is the outstanding fresh graduate Chen Xujia to share. Chen has got the offer from the Guangzhou branch of China post group corporation. She thinks it is necessary to attend the corporate promotion, because it is conducive to further understanding the enterprise.

Then, Xu Jiaming, who has received the Offer from poly south China industrial group, shared the dry goods. Xu thinks, can rely on group strength in school recruit, avoid single-line battle. What's more, you need to be realistic in job hunting. He stressed that you should be firm in your heart and not be half-hearted about the industry you are interested in.

Then, CAI Lijiao to tencent group job search did a detailed introduction. According to miss CAI, "knowing yourself" is the most important. In addition, she also put forward the "STAR rule ", which can help to show the organization and logic of her analysis and elaboration.

Next, Danone HR, excellent alumnus Wang Rong shared the job-hunting tips. Taking the interview process of Danone management trainees as an example, sister Wang Shared 5 job-hunting tips. Wang said that one should not ignore the essentials and focus only on the success of a resume. She said that her job search is also a long process, hope that people do not be defeated by the setbacks encountered in the job search, but to learn from the lessons, the courage to try.

Finally, from the perspective of HR, Xiao Qing, an excellent alumnus of Guangzhou telecom, Shared her valuable experience with us on applying for the resume.

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