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Fifth Management Culture Festival: Business School English Drama Contest Ends Perfectly
2017-05-12 16:34  

On the evening of May 9, the 2017 "Time Machine" English drama competition of our college was held as scheduled in the b8 Academic Report Hall. Secretary of the CPC Committee of our college Zhi Xiucong, vice president Liang Jie, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee Luo Haiyang, secretary of the communist youth league Committee of the college of economics and trade Wu Yanguang, secretary of the communist youth league Committee of the college of accounting Deng Haiqing, secretary of the communist youth league Committee of the college of finance Long Zhicheng, secretary of the communist youth league Committee of our college Yang Xin and counselors Shang Dan, Liu Fuxian, Yin Yishan and Xie Hangfeng attended the event as guests.  

The wave of Emma Watson's version of "Beauty and the Beast" is still in its infancy. Tonight, another English drama version of the Commercial Academy will be staged and won the Outstanding Drama Award tonight. The game of john is a choice about "human weakness and dilemma". The drama came to the final stage and won the Outstanding Drama Award for its interlocking, fascinating story lines and dubbing comparable to the original soundtrack of the movie. The original script "heart soul play" tells the story of an exciting love affair, leaving a touching confession of "My hearth is yours, I love you".

Dance in each other's arms.

Doubts abound about fog.

During the break, the host and the audience played an interactive game-watching pictures and guessing movies. The screenshot of the classic movie shows a mysterious corner on the screen, and the audience guesses the original title. "Titanic", "Roman Holiday", "La La land" and so on, the audience's "profound knowledge" and positive raised their hands to answer really surprised the host, the atmosphere of the scene is happy.

“Kung Fu panda”, as a classic Chinese style animation film, has also been moved onto today's stage. The main character is still po, who is just and goofy. After this experience, po also took over the scepter of jade palace and continued to serve as "dragon warrior" to rectify justice. The cast also won the Best Prop Award for its magnificent backdrop and delicate props. "spirited away" tells a story about friendship and salvation. With their superb acting skills, they won two awards: best supporting actor and best drama.

Kung Fu panda

Finally, the excellent performance of the business school dance team drew a perfect end to the 2017 business school English drama competition. The hard work of all actors and behind-the-scenes staff brought the audience a wonderful and unforgettable night. Let's look forward to more exciting business school English drama competition next year.

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