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The 5th Management Culture Festival: The Live Display of the Simulation Fair Successfully Ends
2017-05-12 16:38  

On May 11, at 2: 00 p.m., the 15th business school simulation fair stage display was held as scheduled in the library report hall. Professor Yang Lin, associate professor Wang Xiuzhi and Dr. Li Chunyu were invited as judges to review the 20 participating teams. Yang Xin, secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of the Business School, and others attended the stage display as guests.

In order to promote the professional study of business school students, expand the academic practice platform, deepen the personnel training program and innovate the teaching practice reform, improve the comprehensive quality of students and promote the formation of a good style of study, after years of exploration and development, the academic brand activity of the "simulated trade fair" of business school has developed into an academic brand activity with professional characteristics, high grade and great influence. After the host's fluent English and Chinese opening, the stage show kicked off. First of all, the members of the "Mai Meng Technology" team were dressed in neat suits. While one person introduced the company's introduction in standard English, the other members on the stage simulated the application of household products made of wheat straw in real life. The vivid image, rich levels and creative products of this exhibition immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

Inspired by the phenomenon that students' parties and office workers use their eyes excessively and often stay up late, Ai Meng Silk Eye Mask Co., Ltd. provides an eye mask to protect eyes in combination with traditional Chinese medicine, which is very close to college life. The "Tea to" team used a well-made promotional film to take the lead at the beginning. They are determined to bring the natural quality of tea to the field of skin care and create a modern beauty miracle. The team members were impassioned in their explanation, which made the audience all feel their desire for success.

"Tao Chao" company has chosen to find another way in the traditional ceramic industry. They added new ingredients to traditional pottery making ingredients to make new pottery. This product not only has the luster of traditional ceramics, retains the aesthetic value of ceramics itself, but also improves the anti-fall performance, which is quite creative.

All the teams showed brilliantly.

After the exhibition, associate professor Wang Xiuzhi and professor Yang Lin made wonderful comments for the audience and participating players. They warned the team members to consider the difference of the target customers, introduce different products to different customer groups, and show value through personalized service. In addition, the judges also hope that everyone can show their products by solving the problems, instead of just boasting about the products. Stand on the position of the target customers to make the products more realistic.

Comments by judges and teachers.

In the process of this stage show, different teams have their own features and rich contents. The judges and teachers also praised the participating teams. Unfortunately, after all, four teams could not qualify for promotion in this exhibition. With the announcement of the list of 16 teams to be promoted this time, the stage display of the mock trade fair ended.

Attached: the name of the company that has been promoted to the on-site trading link in the 15th simulated trade fair (the following rankings are not in any order).

Ai Ya Shi intelligent technology co., ltd.

An Xin Da co., ltd.

Tea To biotech co., ltd.

Fei Si co., ltd.

Guang Yin lighting co., ltd.

Guangzhou Ai Meng silk eyeshade co., ltd.

Guangzhou Yi Mian co., ltd.

Unity creative paper and plastic products co., ltd.

Le Zhi technology co., ltd.

Green Art co., ltd.

Mai Meng Technology co., ltd.

Shi Jie co., Ltd

Tao Chao co., Ltd

Yi kang co., Ltd

You Xiang green technology co., Ltd

Yun Chang cultural creativity co., Ltd

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