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Mobile Classroom | Entering Nansha Bonded Port and Feeling the Charm of Jiacheng Logistics
2017-05-17 16:40  

On April 26, more than 80 students from 1403 and 1404 classes of logistics were brought to Tianyuncang, Nansha Bonded Port Area, Guangdong Jiacheng Logistics Group, for on-site classroom visits.

Guangdong Jiacheng Logistics Group is the cooperative innovation teaching practice base of "Hess Road" in our school of business.

Manager Zhang talked enthusiastically and the students listened attentively

During the visit, Zhang Chunhao, manager of Tianyuncang of Jiacheng Logistics Group, introduced to the students the operation business of the enterprise and the future development trend of the enterprise. Then, Mr. Zhang led his classmates to the warehouse site.


Students visit the warehouse

After the on-site visit, the students came to the company meeting room to listen to Manager Zhang's mobile class. The students also discussed with Mr. Zhang about logistics operations such as "milk run" and "JIT", and Mr. Zhang Liangwei made a supplement.

Zheng Zhichun's classmates put forward his own view from the strategy of "one belt and one road": "under the background of one belt and one road, The logistics operation mode of Jiacheng group provides a reference for many Chinese enterprises."

Zhou Jianbin of Logistics Class 1403 said: "Jiacheng Group adopts JIT mode, supplemented by VMI and KANBAN, which is a win-win model for manufacturing enterprises and logistics enterprises.

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