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Welcome to 2017 Grade Freshmen
2017-09-04 16:44  

On September 3, the School of Business of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies welcomed new students of Grade 2017. New faces full of vitality, youth and vigor filled the campus with a new color.They are carrying their dreams and longings for the future and the ardent expectations of their families. They are about to embark on a new journey outside Guangzhou.Zhu Wenzhong, Dean of the Business School, Yuan Denghua, Liang Jie, Qiu Weinian and Ding Hao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Luo Haiyang, teachers from the College Office, the Educational Administration Office and the Academic and Industrial Affairs Office arrived at the scene to participate in the welcoming work.

At half past six in the morning, the "Minions" of the business school delegation school were all ready to go and showed up early at the freshmen registration point downstairs of building 7 in Beiyuan to await the arrival of the freshmen.Intimately prepared guideposts, high-hung welcome banners and "yellow" figures running around to serve the new students make the whole campus brimming with a strong and warm atmosphere.

The welcoming work is in full swing and busy figures are everywhere.In order to facilitate the registration of new students, our college has arranged many student cadres and volunteers to act as guides for parents and new students, making the whole registration process orderly.At the same time, our hospital has also kindly set up a rest place and a drinking place for parents, and arranged volunteers from the student union to provide services for parents.Student cadres and volunteers at all levels of the Youth League in our college have actively participated in the orientation work. More than 100 orientation volunteers have performed their respective duties and cooperated with each other to ensure that each new student takes fewer detours and completes the orientation work smoothly and efficiently.

"Minions" Carries Luggage to Freshmen

New students came to Guangzhou one after another to report for duty, dragging heavy luggage and carrying large bags of luggage slowly walking on the school road, looking at every building, every flower and tree in the campus with novelty.Since many freshmen are new here, they cannot find dormitory buildings and check-in places. For this reason, the "Minions" have set up signs on the roadside and are eager to guide the freshmen.Watching the freshmen struggling to carry their luggage, "Minions" and the volunteers enthusiastically stepped forward to help, easing the burden on the freshmen.The friendly smiles, patient directions and cordial greetings are all the concern of the group scholars for the freshmen, just to let the freshmen truly feel the warmth of the business school family.

On the first day of entering the university campus, the freshmen felt a little uneasy about this unknown trip, but they were more yearning for the future.Talking about the planning of university life, in addition to continuing to study hard, they also want to participate in the university's rich and colorful community activities, and they also hope to be able to continuously improve themselves and broaden their horizons in the wide world with high-quality educational resource platforms at home and abroad.

Leaders Visit Freshman Dormitory

In this recruitment work, the busy figure of teachers is a scenery that cannot be ignored.Under the scorching sun, business school leaders and teachers came to the scene to supervise and guide the orientation work, to condole with the staff, to inspect the freshmen dormitory, to chat with the freshmen's parents, to understand the relevant situation and to answer relevant questions.Premier Zhu Wenzhong sent a message to the freshmen in the interview. First, he expressed warm welcome to the freshmen on behalf of the teachers and students of the business school. Then, he expressed his hope for the freshmen to calm down and integrate into the learning life of the university as soon as possible.At the end of the interview, President Zhu Wenzhong sincerely wished the freshmen to be successful in their studies and become the pillars of the country.

Dean Zhu Wenzhong Accepts Interview

With the concerted efforts of all teachers and students, 2017 Business School has successfully completed its orientation work.Thank you for all the teachers and students who have worked hard to welcome the new students. I also look forward to the arrival of 2017 freshmen to inject new blood and vitality into Guangwai Business School.Here, I wish all the new students can enjoy the trip to the university.

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