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Management culture festival | Business school "Decathlon" ——the opening ceremony of the sixth management culture festival and simulation trade fair.
2018-03-26 17:13  

On March 22, 2018, at 15:30, the opening ceremony of the sixth "decathlon" management culture festival of the business school and the guidance meeting of famous model teachers were held in the teaching building C507.

Zhu Wenzhong, dean of the business school, Luo Haiyang, deputy secretary of the party committee of the business school, Xie Dexian, the 95th alumnus of the business school, An Fansuo, dean of the human resources department of the business school, Hu xiaohong, associate professor of the Marketing Department of the business school, Yang xin, secretary of the youth league committee of the business school, and Shang Dan, Yang Liu and Xie hangfeng, teachers of the school of business, attended the opening ceremony.

This conference would like to thank decathlon sporting goods co., LTD and Guangzhou Wanglaoji pharmaceutical co., LTD for their strong support for this management culture festival.

At the beginning of the conference, President Zhu Wenzhong addressed the opening ceremony.

First of all, dean Zhu, on behalf of the business school party and government leadership and all the teachers on the opening ceremony of the smooth development of warm congratulations.

He pointed out, "the purpose of establishing the management culture festival is to improve students' innovation ability, employment and entrepreneurship ability, practice ability, independent learning ability and cross-cultural communication ability through various activities featuring management culture.

Dean Zhu is giving a speech

Our management culture festival develops and innovates in the process of development, which further pushes our school forward towards the goal of high-level business school with distinctive international characteristics.

Dean zhu hopes that the future "management culture festival" will follow the strategy of "based on the business school, facing the outside world and radiating the universities in the university city", to develop this activity with fine tradition to a higher level, to urge students to better display their intelligence, wisdom and team achievements and make achievements in various fields.

Guests and teachers are taking photos together.

Later, President Zhu also said, "This year's management culture festival includes six high-quality activities, among which, the special activities hosted by our academy are: the 16th simulation fair, business English drama contest, the world of business "Shenzhen trip" and the 8th college student career planning contest; Our institute also had the honor to host the third national university students human resources management knowledge and skills competition, and the addition of Di cannon case analysis contest, which greatly increased the richness and professionalism of the activities of this management culture festival." He highlighted the third China Human Resource Management Knowledge and Skills Competition in Guangdong Province, overseen by the Director of the Department of Human Resources, and the new Dicannon Case Analysis Competition, which he hoped would consolidate the professional knowledge learned by students and exercise students' ability to learn. Finally, he wished the management of the cultural festival competitions a complete success.

Xie Dexian Senior shared his experience

After that, Hu Xiaohong, an associate professor, gave her unique opinions on how to write the plan of the simulated trade fair and other competitions.

She pointed out that the innovation of the simulation fair was to participate with a real corporate background, which made it more difficult to participate.

In her speech, she stressed that the product should not only meet the future needs of the market, but also meet the development direction of the enterprise in competition.

She also stressed that contestants should know exactly where they want to "push" the product and do their "homework" for the consumer group, such as understanding the local culture and local demand for the product.She also reminded us that we need to structure our business plan appropriately.

Guidance from Hu Xiaohong

After that, Tan Fengqiong, the leader of the team of Yi Kang, the winner of the last model exchange, gave a wonderful experience sharing.

She stressed that it is very important to have a good team, especially the team leader must be clear about his responsibilities and understand every part of the project, so as to correctly guide his team members so as not to go in the wrong direction.

"Last year we struggled with the positioning of the brand, which will affect the style of the later multimedia," she suggested. "this year we need to make video, and we should determine the style according to the characteristics of the product, which will give people a more impressive impression."

She also suggested that during the 5-minute stage presentation, we should mix the features of the product and try to extract the essence of each sentence without redundant words.

In addition, offline rehearsals are also very important. Knowing the whole process will help you perform better on stage.

Tan Feng qiong Senior is giving some suggestions

Finally, with the end of the audience's on-site question session, the opening ceremony of this management culture festival and the simulation fair master guidance will be successfully concluded.

A group photo of all the guests and staff

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