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The Opening Ceremony and Freshman Education Conference for 2018 Undergraduate Students of Business School Successfully Concluded
2018-09-14 17:22  

On September 11, 2018, at 8: 30 a.m., the opening ceremony and freshman education conference for the 2018-level undergraduate students of the Business School was solemnly held in the B8 Academic Report Hall of the South Campus.Zhu wenzhong, dean of the business school, Li Hua, secretary of the school's party Committee, Luo Haiyang, deputy secretary of the school's party Committee, representatives of the school's office, department heads, professional teachers, alumni, all the teachers of the academy and 552 freshmen attended the opening ceremony.The ceremony was presided over by Luo Haiyang.

Autumn is brisk and the opening ceremony begins with the solemn national anthem.Dean Zhu wenzhong gave a welcome speech to the freshmen, introducing the history, current situation and course of business school to the students, and briefly introducing the characteristics of each department and the mission, vision and SMILE values that should be possessed as a member of business school. finally, he hoped that the 2018 freshmen would remember and practice the SMILE values, aim high and have both ability and political integrity.

Zhu wenzhong's speech

Luo Haiyang Presided over the Conference

On behalf of Professor Li Yongning from the Department of Business Administration, the teacher said that today's college students should have five qualities: first, they should have a global vision and not be limited to small countries.The second is to have the ability of regional status and fully understand the place where one stands.The third is to have the national spirit and love the country.The fourth is to have ideals and pursuits, and to have goals to strive for will make you happier.The fifth is to pay attention to all-round personal development, look up at the stars and keep your feet on the ground.Tan Zhenfeng, an alumnus representative, used the success stories of outstanding senior brothers and sisters to encourage new students and gave three suggestions: first, to have imagination; second, not to regret one's choice; third, to correct one's attitude and pursue perfection.

Li Yongning made a statement

Tan Zhenfeng made a speech

Li Jiale, the representative of senior students, encouraged the freshmen to smile and face the changes. Do not forget your initiative mind told the freshmen with his personal experience that he should face the changes calmly, dare to try and care for his parents while becoming a business talent.Lin Wenwei, the new student representative, expressed his gratitude to his parents and teachers. At the same time, he also set a goal to make full use of the four years of college to become an adult.

Ricardo made a speech

Lin Wen-Miao made a speech

The opening ceremony ended with a cheerful school song and was warmly welcomed by the freshmen, laying a good foundation for the freshmen to enter the study smoothly.

In the following professional education for freshmen, five teachers, Meng Ding, Zhang Hongming, An Fan Suo, Lei Xiaoqing, Wang Hongliang and Huang Lei, respectively, gave a detailed introduction to business administration, marketing, human resources, logistics management, e-commerce and business administration innovation classes.Through face-to-face communication and interaction, the freshmen have a clear understanding of their major and a clearer goal.

Professional introduction

After the introduction of each major, Li Hua, secretary of the college party Committee, gave the freshmen the first ideological and political course. Li Hua gave advice on how to implement the 19 core values of the party. he should actively respond to the 19 spirits, study diligently, Xiu De, distinguish clearly and honestly, and play the three roles of disseminator, model and practitioner of the core values.

Li Hua Gives First Ideological and Political Course to Freshmen

After a short break, the student affairs section chief leaves open a humorous short video to explain the scholarship and student disciplinary system, lay out the facts, reason things out, and introduce the relevant rules and regulations of the students in detail.Lin Anjie, chief of the security department, asked the freshmen to firmly resist terrorism and cults, learn how to deal with and prevent them, safeguard national interests and establish a new view of the country.Zhou Hanxin, Chief of the Academic Affairs Office, introduced the credit system in detail and answered the common problems in undergraduate teaching.International exchange office Yi Zongyong, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Discipline and Exchange Program, focused on introducing the characteristics and achievements of our school's international exchange.Deputy Director Lou Huidong of the Student Employment Guidance Center emphasized the importance of freshmen to do a good job in college career planning through specific cases and data.In the end, deputy secretary of the school youth league Committee, ou shaobin, educated the freshmen and introduced the rich second class activities in our school.

 Education for Freshmen

At this point, the opening ceremony and freshman education conference for the 2018 undergraduate students of the business school have been successfully concluded.The whole process of the conference was warm and solemn, with continuous applause, which encouraged the freshmen and laid a good foundation for them to open a wonderful university chapter.

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