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Welcome party:Youth echo,Dream galaxy
2018-12-10 17:35  

On December 6, 2018, at 19: 00, the "Future Artist" Welcome Party of the 2019 Business School of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies kicked off in the General Hall of the South Campus.Guests attending the party included Wei Chuanwen, secretary of the Party Committee of the Business School, Yuan Denghua, vice president of the Business School, Luo Haiyang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Oriental Language and Culture College, Zhang Hongming, head of the marketing department of the Business School, Pan Wenchao, secretary of the Communist Youth League of the Business School, Yang Xin, counselor Wang Zhen and Xiang Yuanwei of the Business School.

At the beginning of the activity, Wei Chuanwen, secretary of the party committee of the business school, addressed the party. He first reviewed the achievements of the business school in recent years in international certification, discipline construction, international exchange and student work. He hoped that the students of the business school would continue to adhere to the university motto of "Mingde is fair, learning Chinese and Western" and make continuous efforts to become international high-end business talents.

Speech by Wei Chuanwen, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Business School

The Oasis Music Association was the first one to appear that night. They used relaxed and happy harmony to interpret an ordinary and beautiful love story like Can't sleep love. The perfect coordination of pure voice and cool b-box captured the hearts of the audience at the scene and gradually mobilized the atmosphere of the scene.Accompanied by touching melodies, the Green Elf Sports Dance Association showed rumba's gentle touching, cha cha cha's nifty enthusiasm and fox trot's charming appearance in the performance of "Dance up". The dancers' youthful and energetic images showed great brilliance on the stage and left a deep impression on the audience.

Dance up

Gentle songs with melodious guitar sounds and crisp drums, the "Spring Wind Ten Mile" by Class 1809 of Business Administration makes people unconsciously immerse themselves in the memories of youth, look for the person who is deep in his heart, and savor every heartache or joyful moment."Guangde Xuanwu" brought by Infinity Nugget Association is a combination of hardness and softness. Its momentum is like a rainbow. Nuggets collide with each other in ups and downs. Fans show all kinds of tenderness in opening and closing. Under the rendering of ink and wash background, the beauty of Chinese martial arts can blossom.

Infinity Nugget Association "Guangde Xuanwu"

The Ballet of Spring performed by MBA Center of Business School is as noble and elegant as a white swan, and as free and flexible as white clouds. The dancing pace draws a nimble arc in the air, just as the spring with infinite vitality is desirable.Teacher Pan Wenchao of the Business School won the cheers of the audience with his humorous speech and generous manner. A casual guitar solo of "My Favorite Friend" has aroused the sympathy of many people and won warm applause from the students.

"Ballet in Spring" by MBA Center of Business School

In the past year, the students of the business school dare to compete, dare to struggle, excel in academic performance, achieve fruitful results in the field of sports, fulfill their duties in student work, and forge ahead in innovation and entrepreneurship.In order to commend them for being at the forefront of the times and achieving good results in various projects, our college has  set up four awards, namely "outstanding student pacesetter", "stylistic contribution pacesetter", "social service pacesetter" and "innovation pacesetter", and awarded them with awards.At the award ceremony, the students who won the award showed the audience the elegant demeanour that contemporary college students should have with enthusiasm and vigor.

Recognition link

The drama "Home" carefully prepared by the drama team of the business school art troupe is a story about family ties. They show how to resolve conflicts and conflicts in family life with understanding and warmth through vivid and vivid performances. At the same time, they also call on everyone to go home and see it often, to reunite with their families and to feel the warmth of home.

The School of Business Art Troupe Drama Team "Home"

In the following interactive sessions, the atmosphere was lively and the students actively participated. Many lucky viewers answered the questions correctly and received gifts.The following song "Gone with the Wind to the North" brought by Zhou Yi and Zuli piccard Ablati perfectly combines rap and lyric, bringing our thoughts to the north together.Since young people have chosen the distance, they can only go through hardships.When the dream is to seal the throne and return to the motherland in a beautiful dress, this is the scene that many traveling sons who struggle outside only appear in their dreams.If "The Legend of White Snake" is a traditional artistic expression of snakes, then the classical dance "Snake past lives" brought by the dance team of the Commercial College is a completely different new story. Their dance shows the charm and enchanting charm of snakes to its fullest extent, with graceful dancing and full emotions, which instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the audience on the scene and left a deep impression on people.

Zhou Yi and Zuli piccard Ablati "Gone with the Wind to the North"

When traditional folk music meets water towns in the south of the Yangtze River, everything spreads like ink and wash painting. When graceful dance steps are set on the green stone road, everything becomes misty rain all over the sky.In the heart language association's folk music performance "rain breaks down the south of the Yangtze river", people seem to pass through time and space and watch the fish play and the wind blow along the winding willow bank.Accompanied by melodious melodies, a cup of clear tea, a wisp of fragrance, a blue shirt and a warm past, I was intoxicated by the current wind between the green hills and flowing water.Walking through the south of the Yangtze River, an auditory feast slowly unfolded.One story after another from a foreign country or hometown, in the interpretation of the song team of the commercial college, one integrated mass and exploded the whole audience.The songs brought by the song team set "This Moment" on fire. the moving songs and lively atmosphere made the party scene full of passion.

The Heart Language Association's Folk Music Performance "Rain Broken Jiangnan"

Class 1810 of the Labor Administration brought a performance of "Mirror", telling the story that the small white and elite in the workplace reversed their identities and led different lives because of their different attitudes, showing the important way of doing things for people, that is, to correct their attitudes.Different attitudes towards a matter will lead to completely different results.In childhood, countless cartoons accompanied us to grow up. Next, the "Your New Year Gift" combination brought "Childhood Time Machine" to bring the audience back to those fond memories of childhood and find happiness in childhood dreams.

Business Administration Class 1810 "Mirror"

The repertoire "Everyone" and "I don't know if you know it or not" brought by cherries brought a shocking audio-visual experience. the final program of the party was a wonderful performance "Liability" brought by the model team of the art troupe of the business school. the models were full of energy, walked out of the confident pace and brought visual enjoyment to the audience.

Business School Art Troupe Model Team Liability

With the end of all performances, the 2019 business school "Future Artist" welcome party came to an end.

Guest group photo

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