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Simulation Fair | A Review of Live Trade Fair
2019-06-05 17:43  

On May 23, 2019, at 13:00, the 17th simulation Fair of Business School was held in the School Life Moving Center. Present guests include: Mr. Zhu Wen Zhong, Dean of Business School, Mr. Yang Xin, Secretary of League Committee, Miss. Cheng Si Min, Teacher of Administration Office, Mr. Liu Fu Xian, Teachers of Student Affairs Office, Miss. Yang Liu, Mr. Xie Hang Feng, Mr. Wang Hao and Miss. Xiang Yuan Wei.

Present guests

In his speech, Dean Zhu Wen Zhong thanked the various departments of the school for their strong support, and thanked the teachers of Business School for their hard guidance and the meticulous organization of the event staff. Brand student activity of Business School -- Mock Fair, which won the " National Campus Culture Construction Achievement Award " in 2010, is also a fine cultural activity of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

Speech by Dean Zhu Wen Zhong

There are many kinds of products in the Mock Fair, which are unique and distinctive, attracting businessmen to stop for it. There are not only smart bracelets for personal safety, but also smart hand ornaments designed for women; not only rope skipping for small helpers, but also ancient lipsticks for improving color; not only hand-held household cleaners, but also high-heeled shoes for travel; not to mention electric toothbrushes, steam blindfolds, miniature projectors to improve the quality of life.

Product Display

For 12 participating teams, this live transaction is a fun professional practice. The "eyedo" members dressed as cute Brown Bears and Pikachu interacted with merchants. “She said that the exhibitors are dressed in cheongsam and fashion shows the female theme. The “Hai Tang Jing Yu” is surrounded by dark red antique curtains, which further highlights the design of its Chinese style, attracting merchants to stop and feel the beauty of Chinese art.

Booth design

In addition to booth design and exhibitor promotion, the key to truly retain customers is to look at products. "Giao Giao for me!" Their miniature projectors were displayed and used on site to express their willingness to make the plane interesting. When "Rope Chivalrous Woman" introduced her product "Intelligent Cordless Jumping" to the merchants, the exhibitors personally started to skip rope in situ, showing all kinds of functions of skipping rope. Vivid introductions and narrations have attracted many businessmen.

Merchants also play an indispensable role in on-site transactions. They shuttle between booths, understand products and negotiate prices. Exhibitors and businessmen use English to communicate, you come and go, careful calculation, will push the event to a climax.

Exhibitors' introduction to products

The two sides reached a deal

At 15:00 p.m., the 17th Simulated Fair was successfully concluded in a tense and orderly arrangement of all staff. Through the competition form of "Business Plan Writing", "Advertising Show", "Stage Show", "Booth Competition" and "On-the-spot Transaction" based on "Professional + English", this simulated fair enables students to integrate their professional knowledge and apply it to practice the mission of the College to train international high-end business talents.

Group photo

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