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SOB Students and teachers went on visit to the headquarter of Decathlon in Guangzhou
2019-07-03 17:55  

To better promote the cooperation between the school and the company,and boost the development of students internship base,the students under the leading of the school secretary WEI Chuanwen along with other teachers Chen Weizhen,SUN Hailong,CHEN Xiao,LI Nan,LIU Shumin,XIE Hangfeng,XIE Rongjun,CHEN Xin,SHEN Zhonghua went to the headquarter of Decathlon in Guangzhou for visiting.

For starter, the staffs introduced the students the development of Decathlon and the achievement they made in Guangzhou. In addition,alumni of GDUFS’s achievement and promotion in Decathlon is also mentioned.Later on, the staffs gives an overall introduction regarding to the logistics, procurement,marketing and company culture,through which delivered the values of Decathlon that is energy and responsibility and the characteristics of full industry chain of the company.The students benefits a lot because this helps them know better about the actual operation of the company apart from the knowledge from the textbook.

Representitives of Decathlon in this activity sharing with the students and teachers

Then follows with the school secretary WEI Chuanwen’s introduction of the teaching and internship information of SoB,with emphasis on the goal of cultivating internationalized talents and the teaching characteristics of professions+language to show our willing of further cooperation and communication with Decathlon.

Introducing SoB

After the sharing from both parties, teachers and students were taken to one of the retail store of Decathlon,Luoxi,to see the actual operation of the store,the staffs also introduce the creative way of selling in the store.

Representitives of Decathlon introducing the store operation

This visit to Decathlon had not only helped the student to compare to what they have learned in the class to the actual operation of a company but also helped the teacher to make improvements on their teaching. What’s more,it can promote the cooperation between the school and Decathlon.

Representitives of Decathlon, the teachers and students right outside the store

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