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The 10th business school career planning competition finals was successfully held.
2019-04-09 17:59  

On April 4, 2019, the final of the 10th career planning competition of the business school and the 9th Guangdong university students' career planning competition were held in room G206, the teaching building of the south campus.

This competition judges by innovation and entrepreneurship education college Yang Xiaobin, business school level 6 organizer Shang Dan, business school counselor Yang Liu .

Yang Xin, Yin Yishan, Wang Yi, Xiang Yuanwei and all the students of the class of 2018 attended the activity.

After the host explained the process and rules of the competition, the contestants began their wonderful presentations.

The players analyzed the target occupation in detail and gave a more systematic and comprehensive plan.

The presentation was followed by a tense defense.

The 10 contestants kept calm and gave orderly answers to the judges' questions during the defense.

The contestants' accurate self-knowledge and detailed career planning won warm applause from the audience.

Finally, Hu Wenhu of business administration class 1806 won the first prize, Zhou Gan-ying of business administration class 1801, Dai Yuan of logistics management class 1802 won the second prize, Li Yonghao of business administration class 1806, Lai Jiaxin of e-commerce class 1801 and Zhang Zhi of e-commerce class 1801 won the third prize.

At last, Yang Xiaobin made a summary speech on the stage. He made professional comments on the contestants, analyzed their advantages and disadvantages, and gave some Suggestions.

He said the goal of the competition is to promote college students to set goals and improve their abilities through active participation in competitions and practical activities.

The career planning competition came to a close with applause.

This competition not only let us see the demeanor of the first-year students of the business school, gave students a platform to communicate and learn from each other, but also created a good learning atmosphere and encouraged us to set up career goals, for their future life planning positive progress, hard work.

Hope students have some inspiration, think about their future in advance, do a good job career planning, for the future quality employment laid the foundation.

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