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An Fansuo
2017-07-25 10:40  

Personal Information        


Gender: Male      


Nationality: Chinese      

Research Interests: Corporate Governance, HRM      


Courses Taught        

Master: Corporate Governance

Bachelor: Industrial Relations, Labor Economics

Educational History        

PhD: Jinan University, Industrial Economics      

Master: Institute of CCP , Guangdong Province, Political Economics      

Bachelor: Suzhou University of Science and Technology, English Education      



School of Management, GDUFS.      

School of Business, University of Queensland, Visiting Academic.      

Research Outputs        

1. “CEO Turnover and the Efficiency of Board of Directors: Empirical Evidence from Listed Companies in China, ” South China Economics JournalVol.01 (2009).      

2. “Board Actions and Board Efficiency A Review.” Journal of Economics Prelude,Vol.12(2009).      

3. CEO Turnover in China Listed Companies: A Study Based on the Efficiency of Board of Directors, Bejing: Economic Science Press, 2009.      

4. McDonalds PK KFC, Shenzhen: Haitian Press, 2008.      

5. Contrarian Investment Strategies, Shenzhen: Haitian Press,2002. (Translation,Co-authered with Zou Fangbing)      

6. A study on the deprived rights of migrant workers under Global Commodity Chain: Evidences from OEM enterprises in the Pearl River Delta .  Funded by the Ministry of Education ,China, 2012        

7 .A study on the economic development effects on the protection of   imgrant workers' rights: evidences and governances. Funded by Guangdong  Province Government, 2012        

8. Manufacturing Industry Upgrading in Pearl River Delta: Mechanism and Policy, Funded by Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, 2009-2010.      

Consultancy Projects        

1.Shenzhen Topvision Company , Ltd.      

2.Guangzhou Gezheng Cultural Communication Company.      

3.Guangzhou Shedear Company      


AddressRoom 331,Faculty Building ,GDUFS(South Campus)



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