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Zhang Liangwei
2017-07-25 10:42  


Personal Information

Name:  Zhang Liangwei

Gender:  Male

Date  of Birth: December, 1959

Place  of Birth: Hunan

Nationality:  Han Chinese




Business Management,  Global Supply Chain Management

International Logistics,  Cross-border Electronic Commerce

Courses Taught

Import and Export Business Management, International  Trade Affairs, International Freight Forwarding Agent, International Ocean  Shipping, International Logistics, International Trade Theory and Practice


Educational History

PhD: PhD in enterprise management, Southwest University of  Finance and Economics;

Master: National Economics and Management, the  Graduate School of China Academy of

Social  Science;

Bachelor: Mathematics, Chenzhou Branch of Hunan Normal  University;

Training: International Trade, Foreign Economic and Trade  University;

        International  Business, Central University of Lancashire, UK.


Work Experience

Since 1997, serving as director  of International Economics Department, Director of E-Commerce

Department, and Director of  International Logistics and Transportation Research Center,

Guangdong University of Foreign  Studies;

1988-1996, serving as deputy  director, director, lecturer, associate professor of the Teaching and

Research Office of International  Trade, Department of Economics, Hunan University of Commerce.

Academic Papers

1.       The  Conception of the Overall Model of Enterprises’ Reform. Journal of the  Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 1989. (5) and Xinhua  Digest. 1990. At the same time, Reform.1990. (1) Issued the  article as an important reform paper in domestic journals.

2.       On Porter's  Strategic Theory of Competition. Economics Perspectives. 1995.(8)

3.       Analysis  and Countermeasures of the Moderate and Advanced Development of China’s Overseas  Direct Investment. International Economics and Trade Research. 1998. (1).  Investment and Securities. 1998. (5) organized by Renmin University of China reprinted  the article  in full text. 

4.       The  Second Engine of Economic Growth: Expanding the Export. World Economy Studies.  2000. (3).  At the same time, Foreign Trade Economy, International Trade. 2000.  (1)" organized  by Renmin  University of China reprinted the article in full text.

5.       The  Coordination between Enterprises’ Internal Logistics and 3PL. China  Market-Logistic and  Procurement Research. 2007. (2).

6.       The  Diversification of Port’s Financing Method and Asset Securitization. Truth  Seeking. 2008(1).

7.       The  Necessity, Issues and Policy of Developing High-end Logistics in China. Journal  of Guangzhou University (Social Science Edition). 2008(4).

8.       Credit  Risk of Non-Vessel Operation Carrier and Risk-averse Measure. Insurance  Studies. 2010(1).

9.       New  Cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao: Economic Analysis of  Nansha Modern Logistics Headquarters. Logistics Technology. 2013(7).

10.   The  Function and Prospect of Logistics Price Index of Lin'an Highway - Research  Report on Logistics Price Index of Lin'an Highway. China Logistics &  Purchasing. 2014(11).

11.   An  Empirical Analysis and Model Construction of Information Flow Coordination  Factors. Research on Economics and Management. 2015(2).

12.   Synergy  Analysis of International Trade and International Logistics under "One  Generation and One Way" Strategy. Finance & Economics.  2015(7)


1.        International Logistics. (The  teaching material of National Eleventh Five-Year Plan) Higher  Education Press. 2011.6;

2.        Global  Supply Chain Management. (The key book of National Eleventh Five-Year Plan of National Press and  Publication Department) China Fortune Press. 2008.11;

3.        Regional Logistics-Development and Management. Wuhan University Press. 2012.1.

Research Projects

1.       Regional Logistics-Development and Management, authorized by The  Economic & Information Commission of Guangdong Province, 2010;

2.       National Press and Publication Department Eleventh Five-Year Key  Book Global  Supply Chain Management. China Fortune Press. 2008.11.

Research Outputs

Quality  Project:

The Demonstration  Project of Personnel Training "Quality Project" in Guangdong  Province: Logistics Management (International Logistics and Transportation),  2015.


Teaching Reform  Projects:

1. Teaching  Innovation Team of International Logistics, authorized by  GUFS in 2012;

2. The Teaching  and Research Key Project of GUFS: Collaborative Research on Cooperative  Research Platform of Production, University and Research of International  Logistics and International Logistics Course System.


Teaching Materials:

1.       International  Ocean Shipping. China Business Publishing Press. 2007.4;

2.       Logistics  Strategy and Planning. South China University of Technology.  2008.11;

3.       International  logistics practice. (The teaching material of national  training project of skilled personnel) Publishing House of Electronics  Industry. 2011.1;

4.       International Logistics.  (The  teaching material of National "Eleventh Five-Year  Plan"). Higher Education Press. 2011.6;

5.       Regional Logistics-Development and Management. Wuhan University Press. 2012.1.

6.       Logistics Insurance—Practice, Service and Management. (the First Edition) China Fortune Press. 2010.3;

7.       Import & Export Practice.  China Renmin University Press. 2013.9;

8.       International  Ocean Shipping. Peking University Press. 2014.1;

9.       International Logistics Practice. Publishing  House of Electronics Industry. 2017.2.

Academic Titles

Director  of the International Logistics and Transportation Research Center of School  of Business of GUFS and Commissioner of the Academic Committee of the School  of Business;

Adjunct  Commissioner of Guangdong Provincial Logistics  Management and Engineering Teaching Committee of Ministry of  Education;

Managing Director of China  Society of Logistics;

Deputy  Director of Logistics Management and Engineering Teaching Guiding Committee  of Guangdong Province;

Vice Chairman of Guangdong  Logistics and Supply Chain Association;

Deputy Director of Guangdong  Cross-border E-commerce Industry Association.



Member of Expert Library to Implement  the Pearl River Delta Plan of the Guangdong Provincial Government;

Expert of Major Administrative Decision-making  Consultation of Guangdong Province;

Expert of Guangdong Provincial  Institute of Modern Logistics;

Consultant of Guangdong  Logistics and Supply Chain Association;

Commissioner of Expert  Committee of Guangzhou Logistics and Supply Chain Association;

Commissioner of Expert  Committee of Guangdong Asia-Pacific E-commerce Institute;

Supervisor of Guangdong  Producer Services Council.

Consultancy Projects

1.       Regional  Logistics---Development and Management (Project of Other Provincial  Departments, 2011);

2.       Cooperation  Project of the Integration of Industry and University& Research, Shenghua  Logistics Park (Authorized Project of Enterprise and Public Institution,  2012);

3.       A  Research Report of the Development of Guangzhou (Linan) Logistics Park  (Authorized Project of Enterprises and Public Institutions, 2013).


Awards and others

1.       “The  Second Engine of Economic Growth: Expanding the Export”, awarded “Paper  of Excellence” of National Foreign and Economic Research Outputs of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic  Cooperation;

2.       2009 “Credit  Risk of Non-Vessel Operation Carrier and Risk-averse Measure”, awarded the third  prize for Group Papers & Theses by China Society of Logistics in 2009;

3.       11.  2010 “The Function and Mode of Procurement in the Environment of Global  Supply Chain”, awarded the third prize for Papers & Theses on the Fourth  National Military Logistics Forum.

4.       11.  2010“The Financing Mode of the Supply Chain of Small and Medium Sized  Agro-chemical Enterprises”, awarded “Paper of Excellence” at the Ninth China  Logistics Academic Annual Conference;

5.       11.10.  2012 Logistics  Insurance---Practice, Service and Management”, awarded the third prize for  Group Papers & Theses at the Third National “Wuhua Tushu Award”.


Address:  Room 348, School of Business of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Phone:  020- 39328634


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