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Wu Qingjin
2017-07-25 10:51  


Personal  Information

Name: Wu  Qingjin

Gender: Female

Native Place:  Kaiping, Guangdong

Nationality:  Han

Research  Interest

Service  Marketing and Consumer Relationship Management

Courses  Taught

Service Marketing,  Customer Relationship Management, Network Marketing, Marketing Principles,  Marketing Research, Performance Management, Management Principles, Human  Resources Management


PhD  in Economics, School of Business, Sun Yat-sen University, 2001-2004

Master  in Economics, Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University, 1998-2001

Bachelor  in Economics, School of Economy and Management, Beijing Normal University,  1994-1998

Training:  Advanced Seminar on "Innovative Teaching Method and Curriculum  Design" of the GDUFS-British Higher Education Society, June,2016

Work  Experience

2004-present  School of Management, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


1.A  Study on the Quality Elements of University Teachers Based on Students'  Perspective. Journal of Chengdu University (Social Science) .2016.02

2.Research  on the Influence of Game Advertisement on Consumer Brand Evaluation, Journal  of Advertising Study,2015.08

3.The  Mechanism of Fun in Workplace and the Creation of Fun Atmosphere, Enterprise  Reform and Management, 2014.03

4.  Reform of Garbage Disposal Service and social marketing strategy Based Value  Creation, China Population Resources and Environment, 2014.02.

5.Employees’  Behavior of Brand Construction in Service Enterprises and Its Cultivation  Mechanism.China Human Resources Development, 2013.06.

6.  Research on the Cultivation and Mechanism of Mental Capital of Service Team,  Journal of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, 2012.11

7.Work  for Fun: Game of Human Resources Management,China Human Resources  Development, 2012.10

8.A  Study on the Role of Public Servant Leadership of University Teachers.Teacher  Education Research, 2009.11

9.Influencing  Factors of Counterfeit Consumption Behavior and Anti-fake Marketing Strategy.  Journal of Guangdong Vocational College of Finance and Economics, 2009.10

10.A  Study on the Prefactors and Consequences of Service-oriented Consciousness in  Tourism Enterprises, Nankai Business Review, 2004.12

Works  & Teaching materials

Wu  Qingjin. Travel Consumer Behavior. Beijing,Tourism Education Press.2006

Wu  Qingjin, Wang Chunxiao, Hu Shifan.The Influence of Employee Service  Orientation and Work Behavior on the External Efficiency of  Enterprises.Beijing,Tourism Education Press,2004

Wu  Qingjin. WTO Rules and Countermeasures Series: Anti-dumping Rules of WTO.  Guangzhou, Guangdong Renmin Press, 2001

Scientific  Projects

Research  on the Construction of Resource Allocation Center with Global Influence in  Guangzhou

A  Policy Study on Supporting Foreign Trade Production Enterprises to Improve R  & D Capability

Ethical  Leadership, Employees’ Working Attitude and Corporate Marketing Effectiveness

Effect  of Public Servant Leadership on Hotel Employees' Initiative, Satisfaction and  Job Performance

Teaching  Achievements

Projects of Teaching Reform

Research  on the Construction of "Social and Non-profit Marketing"

Teaching Materials

Wu  Qingjin. Travel Consumer Behavior. Beijing,Tourism Education Press

Consulting  Projects

Research  on Customer Behavior of Online Shopping and Business Optimization Strategy of  Land Power Business (2010)


Awarded  “Excellent Teaching Award” every year since teaching in Guangdong University  of Foreign Studies in 2004

Awarded  “excellent instructor of Second class ” in 2010

Awarded  “Excellent Teacher” in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2010, 2011  and 2014

Awarded  the Second Prize of “Scientific research performance” in Guangdong University  of Foreign Studies in 2011


Address:  School of Management, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Phone:  020-36641280

Email:  wuqingjin@mail.gdufs.edu.cn


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