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Zhang Yuhua
2017-07-25 10:33  

Personal Information

Gender: female

Birth: December 1964

Nationality: Wuhan

Research Interests:  Logistics and supply chain management, Family business management


Courses Taught

Master: Logistics and  supply chain management,

Bachelor: Logistics  management, Supply chain management, production operation management

Educational History

PhD: Huazhong University  of Science and Technology

Bachelor: Huazhong University of Science and Technology



1987.7-2002.6   Engaged  in the teaching and research work in Hankou            Branch  of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2002.7-2004.1   Engaged in the teaching and research  work in School of Business, Jianghan University

Since February 2004   Engaged in the teaching and research work in

Business School, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies 

Publications& Projects

Representative Research Publications:

1The  customer-oriented strategies of mass customization, Tsinghua University  Press, 2010.

2EU  Logistics Management, Higher Education Press, 2010.

3Modern  Logistic Management, Tsinghua University Press, 2010.

4Research  on family business development process and governance model, Huazhong  University of Science and Technology Press, 2006.

5Research  on Developing Route of Brand Internationalization of OEM Enterprises, Advances  in Engineering Research, 2015.12.

6Research  on the Customer Requirement Processing for Mass Customization, Advanced  Material Research, 2013.744.

7Strategies  of the Operating Mechanism Reformation for Private Express Enterprise, 2013  International Conference on Information, Business and Education Technology, 2013.3.

8Analysis  Of The Standardized Management Of Private Express Companies’ Franchisee,  Management Observer, 2012.03.

9Research  on the customer-oriented strategies of mass customization, Proceedings of the  7th International Conference on Innovation and management, 2010.11.

10Research  on Connotation and Classification of Mass Customization, International  Economics and Trade Research, 2010.04.

11The  practice of MC strategy in the Haier Group, Strategic Management, 2010.04.

12The  Demonstration Analyses of Controlling-succession Model in Family Business,  East China Economic Management, 2010.03.


Active Projects as Principle Investigator:

1A Study  on the LRP based on the supply chain, the project of the Natural Science  Foundation of Guangdong Province,2005.1-2006.12.

2EU  Logistics Management, the project of center for China-EU studies, 2006-2007.

3Research  on modern logistics and supply chain management theory and application, the  project of the research creative team of Guangdong University of Foreign  Studies, 2007.01-2009.12.

4The  Demonstration research of Controlling-succession Model and its evolution in  family business, the project of the Philosophic Social Scientific Development  Foundation for the 11th Five-year Plan of Guangzhou City of China, 2007-2008.

5Research  and Practice on the International talents training mode in Undergraduate Specialty  of Business Administration, the project of the 2006 annual Guangdong Higher  Education Reform Project General, 2007-2008.

6Research  and reform on the internationalized and applied talents training in the  logistics management specialty based on the needs of industry, the  project of the 2015 annual Guangdong Higher Education Reform Major Project,  2015-2017.


AddressGuangzhou  Higher Education Mega Center outside East No. 178, Guangdong University of  Foreign Studies Department Administration Building in Room 333.






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