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Zhou Yusheng
2017-07-25 11:05  


Personal Information

Name: ZHOU Yusheng

Gender:  Male

Nationality: Chinese

Research Interest:  

Business marketingMarketing StrategyMarketing channel Brand Equity;

Corporate finance (Corporate M&A; Corporate  Control and Capital Market.)

Courses Taught

Marketing  Strategy;   Marketing Channel, Strategic Band Management;  Finance  Marketing,   Marketing Investment;

Educational History

Doctor: Ph.D. in School of business administrationSouth China  University of Technology.(Corporate finance and Capital market)

Master: management  school, Jinan University. (Marketing)



2008.12-present Guangdong University of Foreign  Studies, School of business, Marketing Department,

Publications& Projects


1.Corporate  control allocation, industry competition and R & D investment intensity (  2016. Science Research Management) 

2 .Corporate control,  Capital Liquidity and M&A Performance  (2015, Economic Theory and  Economic Management)

3.Capital liquidity,  M&A mode and M&A Performance  (2015, Business Economics and  Management)

4. Centralized  Ownership Structure, Allocation of Control Rights and M&A Performance  (2014,Journal of Shanxi Finance and Economics University);

5. A Study on  Product Market Competition and the Governance Effect of Control Right  Allocation (2014, Modern Finance and Economics-Journal of Tianjin University  of Finance and Economics);

6. The  Behavioral Effects of Corporate Control on MA in Companies with Centralized Equity  (2014,Journal of Capital University of Economics and Business);

7. The  Double-sided Governance Effects of Major Shareholder with Different Styles  and Control Rights in Heterogeneous Firm (2014,Journal of Tianjin University of Commerce);

8.  Excess-Control Rights and Balance of Shareholders, the Double Agent Effect in  Company Control (2013, Journal of Shanxi Finance and Economics University);

9. Firm Heterogeneity, the Allocation  of Control Rights and Corporate value (2012,Journal of Shanxi University of  Finance and Economics);


10 .Large Shareholders Style,  Ownership Concentration, Ownership and Corporate Value (2013,Journal of  Shijiazhuang University of Economics);


11.Corporate Governance, The  Allocation of Control Rights and the Value of The Company, Benefits of  Control (2013, Journal of Yichun college);


12.Supplier Retailer Relationship  Crisis and Countermeasures (Commercial Economy Wen Hui); .Integrated  Marketing Communication Obstacle and Countermeasure Analysis; The  Competitiveness of The Commercial Chain Enterprises in The Analysis of  Current Situation and Development; International Value Chain and Value Net  analysis of Enterprise Mode Based on.


Guangzhou  Academy of social sciences plan project "the allocation of control  rights and the modern economic growth" (chair);

Social science  planning project of Ministry of education “fund investment style drift risk  measure and control" (in);

The project of  Guangdong Province soft science” policy and regulation of comprehensive  evaluation technology Guangdong model" (in);

The Ministry  of education and Social Sciences Planning project "under the mode of  supply chain management of supplier and retailer strategic alliance"  (in);

Guangdong  Provincial Department of Finance project“Research on the investment and  financing of high-tech enterprises of globalization” (in);


Address:  Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, School of business, Marketing  Department,

Phone:  020-39328562

Email:  zys118@163.com




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