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Chen Guohai
2017-07-25 10:34  

Personal Information                  


Gender: Male            

Birth: Oct. 1966            

Nationality: Han            

Research Interests: Organizational behavior and human resource management, entrepreneur coaching, humor            


Courses Taught            

Master: Advances in human resource management            

Bachelor: Organizational behavior,  human resource management, entrepreneur coaching, thesis writing, cross-cultural communication                

Educational History            

PhD: The University of Hong Kong            

Master: Xiamen University            

Bachelor: Xiamen University            



From 1989 to 2001, Dean’s Office, GDUFS            

From 1989 to present, School of Management, GDUFS            

Publications& Projects            

Representative Research Publications:            

Chen, G. H. (2010). Validating the Orientations to Happiness Scale in a Chinese Sample of University Students. Social Indicators Research (SSCI), 99(3): 431-442.            

Chen, G.H. & Watkins, D. (2010). Stability and Correlates of Student Evaluations of Teaching at a Chinese University. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education (SSCI)356):675-685.            

Chen, G. H. & Martin, R. A. (2007). A comparison on humor styles, coping humor and mental health among Chinese and Canadian university students. Humor: International Journal of Humor Research (SSCI), 20(3), 215-234.            


Active Projects as Principle Investigator:            

the doctorial start-up project of the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, the Localization and Managerial Innovation for Entrepreneur Coaching, the Youth project of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Guangdong Province, Unemployment and Reemployment Psychological Counseling for the Laid-off Workers from State-owned Enterprises      


AddressGDUFS,  Guangzhou University City        


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