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Zhu Wenzhong
2017-07-25 11:53  


Personal  Information

Name:  Zhu Wenzhong

Gender:  Male

Birth  Date: Sept. 27th, 1964

Native  Space: Henan Province, China

Nationality:  Han

Research  Direction

Business  Ethics and CSR, Business English Education

Courses  Taught

Doctor:  Research Methodology

Master:  Business Management, Business Ethics and CSR, Politics and Economy

Bachelor:  Management, Business Essentials, Commercial Banking Management, International  Settlement, Corporate Culture and Business English

Education  Background

PhD:  2005-2008, PhD in business management, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Master: 2000-2001, MBA degree,  Southampton University, UK

Bachelor: 1981-1985, BA in  English, Henan University, China

Training: 1996-1997, Changchun  Financial Cadre School of Management "100 million" Talent  Engineering Financial Theory and Foreign Language Training Course; 2015, Training  of Middle Administrators in Queensland University, Australia; 2013, Lancaster  University School of Management "overseas attachment study"



2002-2017: served as Director  of the Department of Economics and Trade of Guangdong University of Foreign  Studies, Vice President of International Business Research Center, Deputy  Director of Graduate School of Business, Vice President of Business School  and Executive Director of MBA Education Center, Executive Dean of Business  School. The current business school Dean, Professor, Ph.D., doctoral tutor,  part-time "International Economic and Trade Exploration" and  "Journal of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics" English  editor, Guangdong Provincial Social Responsibility Research Association  Deputy Secretary, Guangdong Provincial Human Resources Research Association Vice  President, China Enterprise Management Research Association Vice Chairman of  China Enterprise Culture Committee, Guangdong Province Business  Administration Master of Business Teaching Steering Committee members;

1992-2002: Bank manager  (Section Chief of International Settlement Division and general Manager of  International Department) of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Henan  Branch in charge of International settlement and financing business such as  L/C, Collection and Remittance;

Jun. 1985-Dec. 1992: Lecturer  of English, Huanghuai Institute, Henan Province, China.

Academic  Papers

Chinese Corporations’ Conception  of Sustainable Development: an innovative view of corpus analysis, Chinese  Management Studies (SSCI), Vol. 11 Issue: 1, 2017, doi: 10.1108/CMS-12-2016-0265  (corresponding author)

Review on CSR Issues Based on Value  Chain Model and its Implications. Journal of Applied Sciences, Apr. 2015:  626-632

An Empirical Research on the  Ranking of Chinese State-owned Banks in Corporate Social Responsibility. Archives  of Business Research, Aug. 2015 (corresponding author)

Analysis of CSR Performances of  MNCs in Different Countries Based on the Cases of MNCs in Chinese Market,  Journal of Sylwan (SCI-e), June. 2014.

Innovation in Talent Training  Model of Higher Education: Taking GDUFS Professional Master Degree Programs  as an Example. Ciencia e Tecnica (SCI), Sept. 2014.

Research on Offshore Service  Outsourcing and the Related Issue of Corporate Social responsibility, Journal  of Applied Sciences (EI), Aug. 2013:1220-1226

Research on ISO26000 and  Institutionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility, Discussion on  Modern Economy (CSSCI), Aug. 2012.

Research on the Problems and  Countermeasures of CSR in Service Outsourcing Enterprises, International  Economic and Trade Exploration (CSSCI), Oct. 2012.

Systematic Thinking on Corporate  Social Responsibility Theory, Discussion on Modern Economy (CSSCI), Jan.  2009.

An Analysis of the Deep Reasons  for the Implementation of Social Responsibility by State-owned Commercial  Banks, Journal of Jinan University (Journal  of Philosophy and Social Sciences)(CSSCI), Mar. 2008.

An Analysis of the Influence of  Overseas Chinese Investment on China 's Economy since the 1980s, Academic  Research (CSSCI), published in Dec. 2006, “Securities and investment” was  reprinted by People's University in Apr. 2007, reprinted byXinhua  Abstracts in May. 2007. 

Monograph  and Teaching Materials

Business  English Exploration in 2016 (eds.) Economic Management Press, Jan.  2017 (first author)

Business  English Course System Study (monograph). Shanghai Jiaotong University  Press, Nov. 2016. (second author)

Contemporary  Corporate Social Responsibility Country and Industry Dimension Studies  (Monograph). Economic Management Press, Dec. 2015.

Research on  Corporate Social Responsibility Standards and Mechanisms for Commercial Banks  (Monograph),  Economic Management Press (A Press), May. 2009.

Contemporary  Chinese Business Management and Financial Innovation Theory Hot Spots (monograph),  Lanzhou University Press, Jun. 2005.

Business Talk  Skills English, Jinan University Press, Sep. 2013.

New  International Settlement and Case, University  of International Business and Economics Press, Sep.2010.

Experience  Business English Banking and Financial Readiness (2007 National  "Eleventh Five-Year Plan"), Higher Education Press, Jun. 2007.

Introduction  to International Business Management (eds.),  University of International Business and Economics Press, Sep. 2010 Revision,  Jun. 2015 Guangdong Province Quality Textbook.

Business  English Teaching Research (monograph), World Book Publishing  Company, Jun. 2011.

Business  English Comprehensive Course Volume 4 (editor), Higher  Education Press, Mar-May 2009.

Scientific  Research Projects

Ministry of Education National  Boutique Video Open Course "Contemporary Business Ethics and Social  Responsibility", issued in Mar. 2016

Ministry of Education National  Bilingual Teaching Demonstration Course "Introduction to Contemporary  Business (English)", issued in 2009

Guangdong Graduate Graduate  Innovation Program - Postgraduate Demonstration Course "Business  Ethics", released in May. 2013

Guangdong Province Boutique  Video Public Display "Contemporary Business Ethics and Social  Responsibility", issued in Jun. 2012

Guangdong Province Excellent Course  Construction Project "Contemporary Business Introduction  (English)", issued in 2010

Guangdong provincial  undergraduate teaching reform project "international certification drive  international business management personnel training model innovation  research" (comprehensive category), issued in Nov. 2016

Guangdong Provincial Graduate  Education Innovation Project "2016 Guangdong Province Graduate Forum -  Business English Sub-Forum", issued in Dec. 2016

Guangdong Provincial Graduate  Education Innovation Project "2015 Guangdong Business English Graduate  School Summer School", issued in Dec. 2015

Guangdong Provincial Department  of Education "Innovation School Project" project "New business  English Teaching and Teacher Development Research", released in Oct.  2014

Guangdong Province Degree and  Graduate Education Reform Project "Business English Research Master Degree  Course System Construction Research", issued in June 2010

Guangdong Province Philosophy  and Social Science "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" project "New Era  Of Business English Teaching Model Innovation And Development Research",  released in Sep. 2009


Quality  Engineering

Education  Projects

Education  Materials

Consulting  Projects

Guangdong  Development Bank Financial Foreign Language Training and Consultation;

Guangdong  pigeon Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Corporate Social Responsibility Construction  Consultation;

Fujian  Putian Institute "International Settlement" course teaching  training and guidance, and so on.


2007: Outstanding Teaching  Award and Caltex Award of GDUFS in 2006-2007 (3rd Rank);

Jun. 2008: Outstanding  Scientific Research Performance Prize of GDUFS in 2007 (2nd Rank);

Dec. 2009: National Education and  Scientific Research Advanced Individuals of China Education Association in  2009;

Dec. 2011: International  Service Outsourcing CSR Issues and Countermeasures Research was awarded the  first prize of outstanding achievements in Corporate Social Responsibility in  2010 by The Guangdong Society for Social Responsibility Research;

Nov. 2013: ISO26000 and CSR  Institutionalization Research - Based on the Theoretical Perspective of Institutional  Pressure was awarded the first prize of outstanding achievements in 2012 by  The Guangdong Society for Social Responsibility Research;

2014: “Based on the Fine  Demonstration Courses of International Business Courses Network Resource  Platform Construction Research" won the first prize of teaching  achievements in 2008-2012 in GDUFS;

May. 2015: The Framework and  Practice of the "Global Business Talent '4-2' Training Mode in  2015" was awarded the third prized of teaching achievements in Guangdong  Province;

2015: "International  Business Management Introduction (English)" was rated as the guangdong  provincial quality textbook

Jun. 2016: the outstanding achievement  of teaching quality in GDUFS.


Office:  Room 364, Faculty Building, GDUFS South Campus

Phone  Number: 020-36206599

E-mail:  wenzhong8988@sina.com


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