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Zhu Liye
2017-07-25 10:52  


Personal  Information

Name: Zhu Liye

Gender: Female

Birth: January1972

Native Place: Hunan

Nationality: Han

Research Interest: Brand Management; Consumer Behavior


Courses  Taught

Brand  Management; Retailing; Principles of Marketing; Marketing Planning


2005.9-2009.6  Sun Yet-sen University, PhD Chinese Marketing and Consumer


1997.9-2000.6  Sun Yet-sen University, Master Business Management



2007.9-present Associate Professor, Guangdong University of  Foreign Studies, School of Management

2000.6-2005.6 Economist, China Telecom Guangdong Branch Market  Research Department

1996.4-1997.9 Planning Director, Guangdong Radio and Television  Station International Information Center (Far East Broadcasting  Company)

Research  Outputs

Projects hosted and participated:

1.Higher Education Teaching Research and Reform Project of  Guangdong Province

2.The National Natural Science Fund  project: Consumer participation mechanism and brand platform creation, 2013.

3.The Ministry of education of Humanities and social sciences  research project:

Purchase behavior of domestic product purchase based on the  perspective of culture and psychology, 2009;

4.Eleventh five-year plan of Guangdong province education  science project: Optimization of College Students' knowledge structure based  on cultivation of innovation ability -Take management undergrads as  example,2011;

5.School-level scientific research project: Rejuvenation  strategy research on time-honored Lingnan brands, 2007;

6.Participated in National Natural  Science Foundation Project: Study on the

growth and innovation of local brand  in China, 2006;

7.  Participated in National Natural Science Fund Project: The  concept, formation

and mechanism of brand prototype:  2009;

8.  Participated in Ministry of education in Humanities and Social Sciences  project: Dimension, mechanism and factors of the ability to influence, 2010;


Representative Research Publications:

Over 40  publications were published on “Contemporary Finance", "Foreign  Economic and Management", "Economic Affairs", "Sales and  Marketing", "Value engineering" and others.

1. Liye Zhu,  Denghua Yuan, Jingyi Zhang. The Influences of online user commentary quality  and the rating of the reviewers on the willingness to buy of consumers.  Business Review. 2017, 29 (2)85-95.

2. Liye Zhu,  Denghua Yuan. When Are the Buyers Willing to Post Comments on an Online  Feedback Systemthe  moderating effects of online interactivity between buyers and sellers, 13th  International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management 2016,  Kunming, P.R. China, 2016.6.24-6.26.

3. Liye Zhu,  Zhihui Xie, Lin Yang. A Grounded Theory Approach to Consumer Engagement  Practice in Virtual Brand Community, Academy of International Business  Southeast Asia Regional Conference 2016, Guangzhou, P. R. China,  2016.12.2-12.4.

4. Lin Yang,  Liye Zhu. Research on the intervention of brand psychological contact  violation perception, 13th International Conference on Service Systems and  Service Management 2016, Kunming, P.R. China, 2016.6.24-6.26.

5. Denghua Yuan, Qi Wang, Liye Zhu. A Review of the  Research on Brand Recognition. Foreign Economies and Management. 2016 (3)

6.Liye Zhu,  Denghua Yuan. The Impact of Consumers’Self-construal on Brand Evaluations for  Domestic and Foreign Brands in the Context of GlobalizationThe Moderating  Effect of Product Category. Journal of Chengdu University. 2015(4): .19-25.

7. Yang Lin,  Zhu Liye, Yang Li. Research on the Influence and Intervention of Brand  Psychological Contract Violation on Customer Loyalty, 12th International  Conference on Service Systems and Service Management 2015,  Guangzhou,P.R.China, 2015.6.22-6.24.

8. Liye Zhu,  Denghua Yuan, Taihong Lu. The influence of consumer self-concept on foreign  brand preference under.dual cultural background. The modern management  science, 2014 (5): 98-100.

9. Liye Zhu,  Denghua Yuan. How brand symbolic value influence consumers'  willingness to pay a price premium?  Contemporary financial.2013 (6):  66-76.

10. Liye Zhu.  The formation, measurement and innovation of Brand Meaning”. Research on the strategic  policy .2011 (1) 46-52.

11.Liye Zhu. Symbol  consumption:The Cole of Postmodern Consumption. Sales and marketing,  management version.2011 (3) 56-58.11.

12. Liye Zhu. Regulatory  focus theory: a breakthrough in motivation theory”. Journal of Guangdong  University of Foreign Studies. 2010 (1).

13. Liye Zhu.  Regulatory focus theory and its application in marketing research”. Economic  survey. 2009 (5).

14. Liye  Zhu,Taihong Lu. Self-construction of consumers. Foreign economic  and management.2008 (2) 42-50.

15.Liye Zhu.  Research on the constitute and source of time-honored brand assets”. Economic  survey. 2008 (1) 117-120.



Hosted and participated in a number of China Telecom and  Guangdong Telecom consulting research project, and provided management  consulting and marketing services for a number of enterprises (liquor  companies, real estate companies and TV stations).


2009 School-level  Scientific Research Award  The Second Prize

2013 School-level  Scientific Research Award  The Second Prize


Address:  Room 358, School of Management, Guangdong University of Foreign  Studies,Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Email:  zhuliye97@126,com

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