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Qiu Weinian
2017-07-25 11:50  



Personal Information

Name:  Qiu Weinian

Gender:  Male

Birth  Date: February, 1971

Native  Place: Guangdong Province, China

Nationality:  Han


Research Direction

1Leadership and Organization Development

2Strategic Management and Corporate Governance

3Global Value Chain and Cross - border M & A

4Human Resource and Corporate Culture

Courses Taught

BachelorManagement, Human Resource  Management, Strategic Management

MasterHuman Resource Management,  Management and Communication, Strategic Management and Corporate Governance

Education Background

PhD:  Sun yat-sen university, PhD in Business Management,

Master:  Sun yat-sen University, Master in Decision Management

Bachelor:  Sun yat-sen University, Bachelor in Philosophy

Work Experience

Dec.  2012 to now: Professor at Business School of GDUFS

Sep.  2001 to Dec. 2012: Lecturer, Associate Professor at GDUFS

Sep.  1997 to Jul. 2001: Senior Staff Member (Economist) of Foreign Affair Office  at GDUFS

Jul.1993  to Jul.1997: Deputy Secretary of Communist Youth League at Da Lang Campus of  GDUFS

Academic Papers

1Qiu Weinian, Li Ling, Liu Yougui. “Research on the  Relationship between Trust and Enterprise Control Rights Allocation Based on  Enterprise Growth” [J]. Science and Technology Management Research,  2015 (4): 181-186.

2Qiu Weinian, Cui Dingchang, Zeng Chuhong.  “Paternalistic Leadership, High Performance Work System and Firm Performance”  [J].Journal of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics, 2014, 29  (3): 46-54.

3Qiu Weinian. “Study on the Mode Selection and Path  Evolution of Transnational Corporation Entering China - Based on the  Perspective of Organizational Legitimacy” [J]. Journal of Jinan University  (Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition), 2012, (08): 74-81 + 162.

4Qiu Weinian. Zeng Chuhong, Wang Bin. “Study on  Organization Absorptive Capacity: Theoretical Review and Integration  Framework” [J]. Social Sciences, 2012 (8): 43-51.

5Qiu Weinian. “Enterprise Social Capital,  Organizational Learning and Management Performance: Mechanism and Path of  Transformation and Upgrade - A Case Study of Gree Electric Appliance” [J]. Academic  Research, 2012 (6): 80-85.

6Qiu Weinian, Sui Guangjun. “Research on the  Construction of International Business Center in Guangzhou - Experience and  Revelation of International Metropolis Development and Transformation” [J]. International  Economics and Trade Research, 2012, (05): 94-106.

7Qiu Weinian, Ouyang Jingbo. “A Comparative Study on  the Performance of Foreign Mergers and Acquisitions and Private M & A -  Based on Empirical Data from 1995 to 2009” [J]. International Trade Issues,  2011, (08): 144-153.

8Qiu Weinian, Deng Jingsong, Lin Jiarong. “Study on  Information Sharing Game of Enterprise Executive Team Based on  Interest-seeking Trust” [J]. Journal of Jinan University (Philosophy and  Social Sciences Edition), 2011, (04): 10-15.

9Qiu Weinian, Wang Bin, Zeng Chuhong. “Community  Capital and Firm Performance: Mediating Role of Exploratory and Useful  Learning” [J]. Economics and Management, 2011 (1): 146-154.

Monograph and Teaching Materials

Qiu Weinian. The Logic of Learning -  social capital and corporate performance: the role of exploratory learning  and the use of learning intermediary, 20 million words, China Business  Publishing House, Aug. 2012.

Qiu Weinian, Guangzhou International  Business Center Construction Research: industry and regional development  perspective, 32 million words, China Economic Publishing House, Jan. 2013

Qiu Weinian, the chief translator. Organizational  Behavior, MBA core textbook

Qiu Weinian, chief editor. Human  Resources Management.

Qiu Weinian, co-ditor. Management&International  Corporates Management

Scientific Research Projects

Project Director

1Jan. 2014-Dec. 2016: professional education model of Guangdong  Province under the background of globalization, key teaching and research  projects in Guangdong Province (2013JGXM-ZD09) 50,000 yuan;

2Mar. 2011-Dec. 2011: Guangdong enterprise technology innovation  and sustainable development ability research: the intermediary role and  mechanism of exploratory and exploitative learning in social capital and corporate  performance, Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department  (2011B07030094) 20,000 yuan;

3Jan. 2012-Dec. 2014: Guangzhou strategic leading industry research  – an example of building Guangzhou high-end shipping service industry  cluster, Guangzhou City Bureau of Science and Technology, Guangzhou Social  Science Key Project (2060404), 50,000 yuan.

Project Participant

1Jan. 2011-Dec. 2013:  Entrepreneur team integration mechanism and start-up business performance,  National Natural Science Foundation (71072092) 280,000 yuan;

2Jan. 2010-Dec. 2012: The  trust interaction mechanism of Senior management team based on the role of  matching, National Natural Science Foundation (70902022) 160,000 yuan;

3Jan. 2008-Dec. 2012: Research on dynamic evolution mechanism of  information technology capability, transaction cost and enterprise boundary,  Research Department of Social Science, Division of Ministry of Education  (09YJC630041); 50,000 yuan.



Quality Projects

Jan.  2014-Dec. 2016: professional education model of Guangdong Province under the  background of globalization, key teaching and research projects in Guangdong  Province (2013JGXM-ZD09)


Social Appointments

1Research Fellow, Institute of Enterprise Management, Sun Yat-sen  University

2Guangdong International Strategic Research Institute

3Guangdong Seagull Cultural and Educational Foundation Supervisor  (SZ002084)

4Leading Lecturer of Management School MBA Centers of Sun Yat-sen  University School and Jinan University

5Senior Visiting Scholar in Lancaster University School of  Management (LUMS), studied at the University of Maryland, University of  California, Riverside, ENS Paris, Grenoble Business School, Sao Paulo  University of Brazil, Lisbon Business School of Portugal

Consulting Projects

1"The Strategic Research of Applied Science and Technology  Conducted by Zhongshan Torch Professional and Technical College"

2"Guangzhou Free Trade Port Strategy Study"

3"On the Deepening of Guangdong and Australia Economic and  Trade Cooperation Research Report"

4"Heyuan Reform and Development of State-owned  Enterprises"

5"Zhaoqing State-owned Economy Development and Reform  Research"

6"The Twelve-Five Planning of Strategic Emerging Industries in  Guangdong Province "

7"Pearl River Delta Integration Strategy Research"

8"Human Resource Management Consulting Project of Jinji  Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou"

9"Fenghua High-tech (SZ000636) Strategic Planning and  Management Enhancing Projects"

10"Zhuhai Huafa (SH600325) Human Resource Management Consulting  Project"

11"Guangzhou TV Station Post Management, Performance  Evaluation, Incentive Mechanism and Competency Project"

12"Guangzhou Department Store Co., Ltd. (SZ002187) Strategic  Planning and Human Resources Project "

13"Zhanjiang Water Company Strategic Management and Human  Resource Management Project"

14"Zhaoqing Mobile Project of Urban Development "


Office: Room 327, Faculty Building, GDUFS South  Campus

E-mail:  williamq@gdufs.edu.cn, leo@gdufs.edu.cn


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