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Sui Guangjun
2017-07-25 11:54  

Personal Information      

Name: Sui Guangjun      

Gender: Male      

Birth: 1961/10      

Nationality: Chinese      

Research Interest: Industrial Economics, Innovation and Risk Management, Strategic Management      



Master: Jinan University      

Ph. D in Economics, Jinan University

Work Experience      

1992-2001/4: Vice chairman of SAR Hong Kong Macau Economic Research Center, Jinan University; director of Department of Business Management; executive vice-president of School of Management; director of applied economics postgraduate mobile station; director of Enterprise Development Research Center (Guangdong Key Research Base for Humanity and Social Science); director of MBA Center      

2001/11  Dean of School of Management, Jinan University        

2004/9  Vice president of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies        

2008/7  Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies        

2009/10-present Executive vice-president of Guangdong Research Institute for International Strategies      

2010/3-present Secretary of Party Committee of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies      

Research Outputs      

Hosted and completed over 30 projects of National Social Science Foundation Projects, “Sino-European Higher Education Cooperative Projects” of Ministry of Education, National Natural Science Foundation Soft Science Project, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation Soft Science Project and Enterprise Management.      

Published over 10 books such as Case Study Management Series, Guangdong at Turning Point, Guangdong Industrial Development Research and Report, Choice and Transcendence – Analysis of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Economic Structure and Operation System.        

Published over 90 papers on academic journals such as The World of Management and Reform


Address: Headmaster’s office, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies—College Town      

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