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Luo Jining
2017-07-25 11:51  


Personal  Information  

Name: LUO Jining

Gender: Male

Native place: Puning, Guangdong  province

Nationality: Han

Research  Orientation  

Chinese  Cultural Marketing, Chinese Style Consumer Behavior Theories and Methods, The  Book of Changes and China Management Wisdom, The Inner Canon of Huangdi and  Chinese Style Marketing Theories, Military Science of Sun Zi and Marketing  Strategies, Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior, Traditional Chinese Medicine  Marketing, China Cultural Tourism

Courses  Taught


Master: Marketing Management, China  Business Secrets, Chinese Cultural Marketing, International Marketing

Bachelor: Chinese Cultural Marketing, Marketing Planning,  Strategy Management, Marketing Principles


PhD:  1998-2001 got doctoral degree of management of marketing, Business  Management, Management School, Sun Yat-sen Business School;

Master:  1991-1994 got master degree of economics, Global Economics, Lingnan College,  Sun Yat-sen University;

Bachelor:  1987-1991 got bachelor degree of Economics, Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen  University


Work  Experience

1994-1997      Lecturer of Economics, Jinan University;

1997-2002      Associate Professor, Shandong University-Weihai, School of Business

2002-present    Director, China Cultural Marketing Research Center, Guangdong University of  Foreign Studies, School of Business, and professor of Marketing  Department  

September  2008-March 2009  Visiting Scholar, University of Portsmouth Business  School, UK

Academic  Paper  

1. LUO Jining. Practice Guide and  Theoretical Framework of China Management Research: the Holographic Structure  of Organizational Management System. Chinese Journal of Management. Vol. 11, 2010

2. LUO Jining. Essential Problems of  the Establishment of China Management. Chinese Journal of Management.  Jan. 2005

3. Urban Cultural System Structure and  Urban Cultural Brand Positioning, Urban Insight, June 2015.  

4.  Research on Building Brand of Urban Ancient Town Cultural Tourism Based on  the Cultural Marketing Perspective: Taking Guangzhou Shawa Ancient Town as an  Example, Dec. 2016.

5. LUO Jining. Cultural Marketing and  Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Market  Modernization. Jan. 2007.

6. LUO Jining. Segmentation Model of  Chinese Brand Consumer Behavior: Empirical Research on Chinese Consumers’  Idiosyncrasies and Choice of Brands. Chinese Journal of Management. Jan.  2005.

7. LUO Jining. Research on Revival  Strategy of Guangdong Restaurant Time-honored Brands: from a Cultural  Marketing Perspective. Strategic Decision and Development. Vol. 5, 2011.

8. LUO Jining.  Studies on Consumer Temperament Based on Psychological Field: the Application  of Holographic Systematic Method in the Studies of Consumer Behavior. Chinese Journal of Management. Vol. 6,  2007:742.

9. LUO Jining. Theories and Method  Analysis on Research of Western Consumer Behavior. Jianghan  Tribune. Sep. 2005.

10. LUO Jining. Comments on the  Research Progress of Consumer Behavior: Methodology and Theoretical  Paradigm. Journal of Shandong University (philosophy and social  science edition). April 2004.

Monograph  and Teaching Materials  

Representative  books:

1. LUO Jining. Exploration on  Viscera-state Theory of Consumer Psychology. Shandong People’s Publishing  House. Oct. 2004.

2. LUO Jining and Lu Taihong. Report  on China Consumer Behavior. China Social Science Press. Feb. 2005.

3. LUO Jining and YANG Xiaoyan. Research  Method (Translation). China Commerce and Trade Press. Nov. 2004.


Research  Projects  

1. In charge  of “Research on Urban Cultural Strategy for Improving Guangzhou’s Soft  Power”, a Major project of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan” of the Development  of Philosophical and Social Science in Guangzhou.

2. Main  participant of “Research on the Features of Consumer Behavior in Various  Regions in China” , a project of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong  Province.

Research  Outputs  

Quality Engineering:  Chinese Cultural Marketing, 2016 Guangdong Quality Engineering: Classical  Video Open Class


Academic  Post

Director  of the Marketing Research Committee of China Institutes of Higher Learning;  Director of the China Cultural Marketing Research Center of the School of  Business of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; Deputy Director of the  Global Marketing Research Center for the Chinese Culture Brand of the African  Institute; Senior Consultant of the Belt and Road Training Center of Chinese  Medicine Talents  

Social Part-time Job  

Worked  as the Strategy Consultant for presidents in large companies including Hong  Kong Kangfulai International Co., Ltd., Foshan Dezhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong  Qingdao Zhengyuan Information and Technology Co., Ltd. And Shenzhen Xingshi  Cultural Industry Co., Ltd.,

and  provided management consulting services in marketing strategy, brand  management, organizational strategy and human resource, and directed  large-scale management consulting and training projects of many companies.

Consultancy Projects

1. Project of Strategic Positioning  and Brand Planning, Shenzhen Xing Shi Cultural Industrial Company Limited  (2012).

2. Project of Strategic Marketing and  Structure Organizing, Guangdong Feng Hua High-tech Science Company Limited  (2009).

3. Project of Tourism Planning for  Jiulong Lake Scenic Area Funded by SASAC in Zhaoqing (2010).

4. Expertise Consultant Project from State  Information Center on Consumer Behavior in China Passenger Car Market  (2006).

5. Project of Research on Brand  Management and Advertisement Strategy for Foshan Dezhong Pharmaceutical  Co., Ltd. (2004).

6. Project of Research on Marketing  Strategy for Foshan  Dezhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (2003).

7. Project of Strategic Brand  Management for Baoli Real State Company (2002).

8. Implementation Consultant for  Project ERP of Nanhai Fei Peng Plastic and Mental Company (2000).

9. Project of Research on Site  Selection for Sales Network of the Sub-branch of CMBC in Chuangye Street,  Shenzhen (2000).

Awards  and Other Honors  

Training target for the  Ten-hundred-thousand project (Promising Scholar in University); Prize of  Excellent Scientific Research; Prize of Excellent Teacher.

Provided many Management  Training Courses on topics such as sinology and management, Chinese cultural  marketing and strategic management.

Wisdom of Book of Changes and  Leaders’ Personnel Policy, training class of GDUFS, for General Managers of  Newly-Established Enterprises of Guangdong Provincial Department of Human  Resources and Social Security, 2017

Strategy Management, training  class of GDUFS for General Managers of Newly-Established Enterprises of  Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, 2016

Book  of Changes and Team Management, Cadre Training of the  Organization Department of Guangdong Province, 2016  

Traditional Chinese Medicine in  Book of Changes and Life Wisdom, Cadre Training of Guangdong Food and Drug  Administration, 2016

Confucianism, Buddhism and  Business Management, Training for senior managers of Guangdong Silk Textile  Group, 2014

Military Science of Sun Zi and  Marketing Strategy, training for CEO Of EDP Project Enterprises of Lingnan  College, Sun Yat-Sen University, 2013

Sinology and Management,  Training for Senior Management of Qingdao IT Managers Club, 2013

Corporation  Strategy Management, EMBA Courses in the School of Management, Ji’nan University, 2012.

Marketing  Strategy and Competitive Advantages, Training Course for middle and senior  managers in Fenghua Hign-tech Company Limited, 2008.

The  Book of Changes and Cultivation for Entrepreneurs, EMBA Courses in the School of Management in Sun  Yat-sen University, 2006.

Chinese  Culture and Marketing Philosophy, EMBA Courses in the School of Management in  Sun Yat-sen University, 2006.

On  Marketing: The Book of Changes and Chinese Style Marketing, Management  Experts Seminar in Sun Yat-sen University, 2005.

The  Book of Changes and Marketing Philosophy, Lecture for Chaozhou China Mobile  Company VIP Customers, 2005.

The  Book of Changes and Chinese Marketing, Management Training in Zhongshan  Nanguang Real Estate Company, 2005

Modern  Marketing Strategies, Training for marketing managers of Foshan  Dezhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 2004.

Enterprise  Strategy Management, Training for senior managers of Foshan Dezhong  Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 2003.


Address:  Department Building 350, School of Business, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (College Town)

E-mail: 200210370@oamail.gdufs.edu.cn


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