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Fu Qiufang
2017-07-25 11:50  


Personal Information

Gender: Male


Nationality: Fuzhou  City, Jiangxi Province, China

Research Interests: Operational Management, Supply Chain  Management, Logistics Economics

Courses Taught

Master: Logistics  and supply chain management

Bachelor: Strategy  management, Logistics management, Supply chain management, Warehousing and  inventory management, Production and Operation Management

Educational History

PhD:  2002.09-2005.06  Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Master:1999.09-2002.06   Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Bachelor:1995.09-1999.06   Shenyang Jianzhu University  



2005.07Nodaway,  Guangdong  University of Foreign Studies  

Publications& Projects

Representative  Research Publications:

1.Calculating  Total Cycle Time of Supply Chain Based on Markov Chain. Proceedings of 2007  International Conference on Management Science & Engineering, 2007, 8.EI, EIP082111267323  

2. Grey Relational Analysis of the  Components of Total Cycle Time of Supply Chain. The Journal of Grey System,  2005, Vol.17, No.2.

3. Evolutionary Game of Carbon-Emission-Reduction  Investment in Supply Chain Firms under Punishment Mechanism. Journal of  Management Sciences in China, 2016(4).

4. Study on Supply Chain Profit  Allocation Based on Shapley-RIEP Value. Statistics & Decision, 2015(2).

5. Stackelberg Game Model for Two-Level Supply Chain  with Allocation Mechanism of Carbon Emission Permit. Industrial Engineering  Journal, 2013(5).

6. Bid Pricing Model for the Land Transportation Service  Based on Transportation Agent. Industrial Engineering and Management Journal,  2013(5).

7. Coordinating Decision-making Model of  Service Capacity of Service Supply Chain based on Multi-objective Bi-level.Chinese Journal of Management Science,  20122.  

8. A New Operational Pattern of Service Corporations: Service  Supply Chain Coordination. International Economics and Trade Research, 20103.

9. Strategy of Upgrading China's Agricultural Chemical Industry-Creating  High-class Service Supply Chain. Journal of Strategy and Decision-making, 201011.

10. A study on the structure model of IC oriented agile supply  chain system. International Economics and Trade Research, 20083.

11. Implementation of Supply chain Management System for Shortening  Response Time Based on Web. Logistics Technology,  200810.

12. Study on the Model of Response Time of Supply Chain Based on  TCODP. Industrial Engineering Journal, 20085.


Active  Projects as Principle Investigator:

1.Research of Managing Model of Reducing multi-stage Carbon  Footprint Based on Supply ChainGD10CGL19.Guangdong Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, 12,  2010.

2. Research of Operating Management Model of Service Corporations  Based on Service Supply Chain Coordination, (2008B070800094). Guangdong  Province Soft Science Research, 12, 2008.

3. Research of the Operating Mechanism of Financial Supply Chain  of Commercial Bank10BJL026.National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, 6,  2010.

4. Research of Countermeasure of Constructing International  Commercial Trade Centre in Guangzhou2010-WY09. Guangzhou Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science,  9,2010

5. Research of the Optimizing Response Time Based on Supply Chain  Competing06300973. Guangdong Natural Science  Foundation, 10, 2006.

6. Research of New Technology and Method of Operating Management  Based on Time-based CompetitionNo.70332001.National Natural Science Foundation of China, 12, 2003.

7. Research of Managing Model of Shorting Multi-stage Response  Time Based on Supply ChainNo.2001AA414110. Nationa863/CIMS Project, 12,2001


AddressSchool of Business, Guangdong University of  Foreign Studies, Guangzhou City, China




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