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Li Qing
2017-07-25 11:50  

Personal Information            

Name: Li Qing            

Gender: Female            

Nationality: Chinese            

Research Interest: Marketing management            

                Marketing performance evaluation              

      Distribution channels and supply chain              

      Business communication


Courses Taught            

Marketing Management, Business Communication, Customer Service, Customer Management and Communication, Public Relations and Crisis PR, Channel Management, etc.            



Ph. D at Sun Yat-sen University            

MSc in Management, Jinan University            


BS in Economics, Tsinghua University.            

Work Experience            

2001/5-2003/4: Associate Dean of School of Management, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, mainly responsible for teaching management.            

2003/3-2005/4: Deputy director of Dean’s Office (north and south campus), Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, mainly responsible for curricular design, teaching evaluation, discipline construction.            

2005/4-present: Deputy director of Division of Graduate Student of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies            

Research Outputs            

Main published papers:            

1.     “Development and Inspiration of European Third Party Logistics Market”. Economic Review (core journal). 2001/9, CN22-1054/F              

2.     “Marketing Strategy of Niche Marketing and SMEs”. South China Journal of Economics (core journal). 2000/9, CN44-1068/F              

3.     Marketing Performance Evaluation and Practices. (First author). Guangdong Economics Press. 2002/4              

4.     “Choice and Layering of Service Target”. East China Economic Management (core journal). 2002/1,CN34-1014/F              

5.     “Crisis Public Relations and Growth of Enterprises”. Commercial Research (core journal). 2001/11,CN23-1364/F              

6.     “Adapt to e-Commerce and Reconstruct Logistic System”. China Business and Market (core journal). 2000/5,CN11-3664/F              

7.     “Market Survey about Shenzhen Retail Industry”. Commercial Economics Review (core journal). 2000/3,CN44-1092/F              

8.     “Reflection on Development of China Commercial and Trade Enterprises”. Economist (core journal). 2001/10,CN14-1069/F              

9.     “Problems and Solutions of State-owned Foreign Trade Enterprises after Entry to WTO”. International Economics and Trade Research (core journal). 2002/3,CN44-1302/F              

10.  “How to Deal with Customers’ Complaint”. China Business & Trade. 2001/16,CN11-3443/F              

11.  “Equality or Hierarchy”. China Business & Trade. 2001/21, CN11-3443/F              

12.  “State-owned Foreign Enterprises after China’s Entry to WTO”. Price and Market. 2002/5,CN61-1205/F              

13.  “Application of Multimedia in Marketing Education”. Journal of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. 2001/4, GD 0-1232              

14.  “Guidance on Marketing Self-study”. Guangdong Self-study and Exams. 1999/2, GD-1241              

15.  “Interactive Teaching and Reform of University Teaching”. 21st Century Talents Studies. World Publishing House. 2000/3.              

16.  Associate editor of Lande Marketing Series (ten volumes). Edited Service Marketing Practices, Marketing Performance Evaluation, Brand Marketing Practices, “Gold-medal” Salesman, Logistics Marketing Practices, Customer Service and Management, Guide of Small Enterprise Operation, Supply Chain Practices, Relationship Marketing Practices, Development, Positioning and Marketing of New Product, Sales Promotion Practices. Guangdong Economic Press.2002/4Editing of Teaching Materials              

Main editor: International Marketing. Guangdong Higher Education Press. 2004/10.            


1.     International Marketing. China's foreign economic and trade press. 2003/2              

2.     Distribution Channels Management. Higher Education Press. 2001/7              

3.     Marketing Principles. Guangdong Higher Education Press. 2003/9              

4.     Distribution Channels Management. Guangdong Higher Education Press. 2004/7              



1.     E-commerce. Guangdong Economic Press. (In print)              

2.     Mobile Business. Guangdong Economic Press. (In print)              

3.     E-enterprise. Guangdong Economic Press. (In print)              

Awards and Others            

Received Teaching Evaluation Award of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies several times            

2000, 2001 Active Academic Researcher of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies            

2002 Advanced Academic Researcher            

2003 First Prize of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Teaching Award; Training Target of Guangdong Teaching Elite            


Address: Division of Graduate Student of GDUFS—College Town            

Email: liqing@mial.gdufs.edu.cn            

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